Aiphone Single PanTilt Door Adapter (Discontinued)

(Model # MYW-P1L)
Aiphone Single PanTilt Door Adapter
Discontinued, Without Direct Replacement

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Single PanTilt Door Adapter is a video adapter for accepting one video door station to LEF-C Residential Intercom System. Any PanTilt MY video door station can be activated by inside monitor control panel.
The LEF-C is a flexible Open Voice Selective Call Intercom System, which integrates any combination of master and sub stations. The 3 - call (LEF-3), 5 - call (LEF-5 & LEF-5W) and 10 - call (LEF-10; LEF 10-W; LEF-10S & LEF-10SW) master stations are available, while 6 different door or room substations can be connected. You can put up to 3 video door stations and 8 inside audio/video stations. You can have a combination of all audio/video stations or audio only stations with this package.

Operation is equally straightforward: the master station calls the desired substation by tone or voice. The substation replies hands free, while the master station operates on a "press-to-talk" basis. LEF-n master stations are surface mounted, LEF-nW master stations with terminal box can be either desktop or surface mounted, while LEF-nC master stations are designed for flush mounting. Master stations LEF-10S and LEF-10SW integrate ALL CALL function, but a BG-10C paging adapter is required. LEF-5 and LEF-10 master stations also integrate door release function.

The Aiphone LEF-C gives you selective call from each station. From each station you can talk to any station or with the optional "all call" adapter, you can make an "all call." You can also unlock the doors with the optional door release and door strike from any station. The system gives you excellent clarity in both audio and video, in both day and night. This system has a "hands free" answering feature built into every station and excellent monitoring capabilities in case someone is sick, you have a small infant, etc. There is also a privacy feature built into each station and you can adjust the camera from any station to really see who is at the front door. The system is easy to install, with 5+n wires between master stations and 2 wires between master and sub stations (each LEF system requires 12V DC power supply).


  • 1, 3, or up to 10 PanTilt door stations with access control
  • Add a video monitor next to the LEF-5C or LEF-10C master stations
  • Communication with video door station through LEF intercom
  • One video door with MYW-P1L adapter
  • Up to 3 video doors with MYW-P3L adapter
  • Up to 10 video doors with MYW-P10L adapter (SOP item)

System Layout: