Panduit® NetKey Category 5e, 8-Position, 8-Wire, Leadframe UTP Jack Module

(Model # NK5E88MY)
Panduit® NetKey Category 5e, 8-Position, 8-Wire, Leadframe UTP Jack Module

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NetKey Category 5e, 8-Position, 8-Wire, Leadframe UTP Jack Module.
  • Meets Category 5e performance requirements
  • 8 position, 8 wire keystone modules color-coded for T568A or T568B wiring schemes
  • Terminates 4-pair 24 to 22 AWG 100 Ohm solid unshielded twisted pair cable
  • Keystone leadframe jack module
  • Connection Type: Insulation displacement
  • Wiring Scheme: T568A/T568B
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Available Colors:
    • Arctic White
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Electric Ivory
    • Green
    • International Gray
    • Off White
    • Orange
    • Red
    • White
    • Yellow
    • Violet
    Available Accessories
SKU Color Quantity
NK5E88MIWY-25PK Off White Pack of 25
NK5E88MORY-5PK Orange Pack of 5
NK5E88MRDY-5PK Red Pack of 5
NK5E88MRDY-25PK Red Pack of 25
NK5E88MWHY White Single
NK5E88MWHY-5PK White Pack of 5
NK5E88MWHY-25PK White Pack of 25
NK5E88MAWY Arctic White Single
NK5E88MAWY-5PK Arctic White Pack of 5
NK5E88MAWY-15PK Arctic White Pack of 15
NK5E88MAWY-25PK Arctic White Pack of 25
NK5E88MBLY-25PK Black Pack of 25
NK5E88MBLY-15PK Black Pack of 15
NK5E88MBLY-5PK Black Pack of 5
NK5E88MBLY Black Single
NK5E88MBUY Blue Single
NK5E88MBUY-5PK Blue Pack of 5
NK5E88MBUY-15PK Blue Pack of 15
NK5E88MBUY-25PK Blue Pack of 25
NK5E88MEIY Electric Ivory Single
NK5E88MEIY-5PK Electric Ivory Pack of 5
NK5E88MEIY-15PK Electric Ivory Pack of 15
NK5E88MEIY-25PK Electric Ivory Pack of 25
NK5E88MGRY Green Single
NK5E88MGRY-5PK Green Pack of 5
NK5E88MGRY-15PK Green Pack of 15
NK5E88MGRY-25PK Green Pack of 25
NK5E88MIGY International Gray Single
NK5E88MIGY-5PK International Gray Pack of 5
NK5E88MIGY-15PK International Gray Pack of 15
NK5E88MIGY-25PK International Gray Pack of 25
NK5E88MIWY Off White Single
NK5E88MIWY-5PK Off White Pack of 5
NK5E88MIWY-15PK Off White Pack of 15
NK5E88MORY Orange Single
NK5E88MORY-15PK Orange Pack of 15
NK5E88MORY-25PK Orange Pack of 25
NK5E88MRDY Red Single
NK5E88MRDY-15PK Red Pack of 15
NK5E88MWHY-15PK White Pack of 15
NK5E88MYLY Yellow Single
NK5E88MYLY-5PK Yellow Pack of 5
NK5E88MYLY-15PK Yellow Pack of 15
NK5E88MYLY-25PK Yellow Pack of 25
NK5E88MVLY Violet Single
NK5E88MVLY-5PK Violet Pack of 5
NK5E88MVLY-15PK Violet Pack of 15
NK5E88MVLY-25PK Violet Pack of 25