Ripley Fiber Optic Cleaver

(Model # RIP-CC125)
Ripley Fiber Optic Cleaver

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Fiber Optic Cleaver is designed for use with mechanical splices, the newer "no polish connectors" and any other cleaves which require precise cleave lengths.
  • Tremendous Repeatability: Once cleave length is set and locked, every cleave will be the same precise length
  • Length: 5.125" (130mm)
  • Width: 1.75" (45mm)
  • Height: 1.5" (38mm)
  • Steel handles with plastic grips
  • Anodized aluminum cleaving blocks/fixturing
  • Cleave length is adjustable from 0.25" (6.5mm) to 0.75" (20mm)
  • Carbide cleaving blade designed to yield up to 5,000 consistent cleaves
  • Accommodates fibers in coated as well as cable form
  • Polyurethane rubber cleaving and gripping pads
  • Blade can be replaced at factory
  • Ideal for achieving precise cleaves required by new generation of "no polish" fiber connectors in either simplex or duplex cables
  • Produces endface angles of less than 2 degrees
  • Compatible with glass fibers with 125-micron nominal cladding diameters

Looking for any kind of tool to handle fiberoptics? Ripley (Formerly known as Clauss) has the answer to all of your fiberoptic cabling needs. Choose from the widest variety of hand tools available for fiberoptic termination, including strippers, tweezers, scribes, cleavers, microscopes, polishing supplies, safety supplies and more.

No-Nik Fiberoptic Strippers

No-Nik Fiberoptic Strippers meet the most stringent specifications. Used properly they are 100% reliable! Plastic heads, which make contact only with the Buffer, center and support your work on both sides. Cutting blades made from razor quality steel score the Buffer completely. Back-up blades support the cutting blades, nest positively, and “lock up” when the tool is closed to maintain perfect concentricity. Buffer being removed acts as guide and protection for the fiber.
  • NO-NIK Strippers for fiberoptics!
  • Accurate to -0mm, +.0127 mm
  • No adjustments necessary

Fiberoptic Stripping Kits

Fiberoptic Stripper 3-Piece Kit
This sturdy 3-piece No-Nik Fiberoptic Stripper Kit is available with the most popular sizes, 203 microns (Red Handles) 254 microns (Light Blue Handles) and 305 microns (White Handles). The vinyl case protects these precision tools and provides convenient safe storage.
  • Fiberoptic stripper size 203 microns (red handle)
  • Fiberoptic stripper size 254 microns (light blue handle)
  • Fiberoptic stripper size 305 microns (white handle)
  • Vinyl case protects the tools and provides convienient safe storage

Fiberoptic Cleaver

Designed for use with mechanical splices, the newer "no polish connectors" and any other cleaves which require precise cleave lengths.
  • Compatible Fibers
    • Glass fibers with 125-micron nominal cladding diameters
    • Accommodates fibers in coated as well as cable form
  • Temperature Range
    • Optimal operating: 72°F (23°C)
    • Storage: -40°C to +60°C
  • Construction
    • Steel handles with plastic grips
    • Anodized aluminum cleaving blocks/fixturing
    • Carbide cleaving blade
    • Polyurethane rubber cleaving and gripping pads
  • Longevity/Durability
    • Carbide blade is designed to yield up to 5,000 consistent cleaves
    • Carbide blade can be replaced at the factory
  • Cleave Length
    • Adjustable from 6.5mm to 20mm / 0.25" to 0.75"
  • Cleave Angle
    • < 1/2°–50% of all cleaves
    • < 1°–85% of all cleaves
    • < 2°–100% of all cleaves

Fiberoptic Stripper

  • 1.0mm diameter stripping hole at tip of tool can be used to strip the fiber jacket
  • 140 µm diameter hole and V-opening in blade allows removal of 250 micron buffer coating from 125 micron fiber
  • Pre-set at the factory—no adjustments needed
  • Will not scratch or nick glass fiber
  • All stripping surfaces are manufactured to precise tolerances to assure clean, smooth strips
  • Comfort-grip, ergonomic handles
  • Lock to hold tool closed when it is not in use

High Leverage Kevlar Shears

With a non-slip serrated blade on each model, the Ripley 86 1/2S, 86 1/2SF, and KC699 provide the solution for trimming back the DuPont Kevlar that serves as the central strength member in optical fiber. The 86 1/2S and 86 1/2SF are made of hot-forged, high-carbon steel for long life. Each tool has a quick action spring response so the tool is ready when you are. High leverage provides powerful cutting action.

Fiberoptic Scribes

Diamond-Tip and Carbide Tip
The Ripley Model No. RIP-DS-60-C is a 30-degree wedge-tip carbide scribe 3.8mm wide for long life and simple fiber termination. Housed in a rugged, anodized aluminum casing 112mm long and 25mm in diameter, the RIP-DS-60-C fits comfortably in either hand and in your pocket or tool kit. The RIP-DS-60-C includes a convenient pocket clip and soft, brightly colored, protective "Squeeze and Pull" cap for easy and quick tool selection.

Fiberoptic Polishing Kit


    Polishing Plate - The clear Lexan polishing plate (FS600) plate provides the type of hard surface needed to polish connectors requiring a hard surface polish.

    Polishing Pad - The neoprene polishing pad provides a cushioned surface with a (60-70) durometer for those connectors requiring a softer polishing surface.

    Polishing Pucks - Two polishing pucks are provided for ST, SC, and FC connectors--one plastic (FS800) and one stainless steel (FS900). Two different types of pucks are provided so that installers/technicians have a choice between the longer lasting, more durable stainless steel puck, and the value-priced, disposable plastic puck.

    Polishing Films - The Ripley AngstromLap aluminum oxide polishing films (PFA0-.5, PFA0-3, and PFA0-12) ensure the finest polish and performance for fiberoptic connectors. For single mode PC, Super PC, Ultra PC, and Angle (APC) connectors, return loss performance will meet or exceed specifications. Yield remains high because of Ripley AngstromLap's lot-to-lot consistency. Each film is color-coded for easy identification. Ten (10) sheets of each type of film are included in the kit.

    Cleaning Wipes and Bifurcated Swipes - Completing the Kit are 25-each 5 3/4" x 5 3/4" (146 mm x 146 mm) lint-free wipes (F1000) and 10-each bifurcated swipes (FS400). Both the wipes and the swipes contain 99% isopropyl alcohol. Both are used for cleaning the fiber after stripping and before cleaver insertion. They also provide a more convenient method of fiber and connector end-face cleaning.

Fiber-Safe Safety Kit

Ripley, the leader in Fiberoptic/Telcom tools, has developed a Fiber-Safe safety kit specifically for working safely with glass fiber. Its contents include a Fiber-Safe polishing /work mat, fiber scraps trash can, splinter removal tweezer, ten bifurcated cleaning swipes, each with a self-contained alcohol dispensing tube, and safety glasses.


    Polishing/Work Mat - The vinyl 35.5cm x 56cm (14" x 22") black work mat serves a dual purpose. Its primary function is to allow you to easily see the fiber scraps instead of trying to find them on a lighter colored work surface. It can also serve as a sub-surface for some polishing applications. Instead of using a hard, non-giving surface, you have a resilient mat that depresses easily and allows you to quickly pick up the fibers you are working on.

    Fiber Scraps Trash Can - The disposable fiber scraps trash can gives you the safest method of disposing of glass fiber scraps because it can be incinerated when full.

    Splinter Removal Tweezer - The splinter removal tweezer’s teflon coating provides the cushioning you need to remove glass fiber splinters without shattering or breaking the glass.

    Bifurcated Cleaning Swipes - You will really appreciate the bifurcated (two-pronged) swipes that put an end to working with messy bottles of alcohol and hand wipes to clean fiber ends before splicing, cleaving or terminating fiber. The tube contains 99% isopropyl alcohol. Hand pressure breaks the seal, and the alcohol is dispensed only when you squeeze the tube, reducing evaporation and alcohol waste.

    Safety Glasses - The safety glasses, which should always be worn when working with fiber, complete the kit. They have a single lens wrap-around feature to provide additional safety, the latest technology in safety glasses.

Cable Splicer's and Installer's Tools

925C Splicer Scissors

  • Multi-Purpose Service Tool
  • Hot-Forged Steel, Double-Plated with Chrome over Nickel — The ONLY Splicer’s Scissors that Offer Double Protection Against Stains and Rust
  • Stripping Notches for 19 and 23 Ga. Wire
  • Scraper and File on Back of Blade

CSH96 Holster Holds Knife and Scissors

  • Heavy Duty Genuine Leather
  • Stitched and Riveted for Greater Strength
  • Slots Provided for Mounting on Belt

CK6 Splicer's Knife

  • Tough, Coping-Style Blade
  • Forged Steel
  • Full-Size, High-Dielectric, Red-Cushioned Handle
925CS Kit
  • 1 — CSH 96 Holster
  • 1 — 925C or 925CS Splicer’s Scissors
  • 1 — CK6 Knife

Punch Down Tool

This spring-loaded adjustable, automatic impact tool is used for terminating wires on 110/88 or 66 – type connecting blocks. Precision hardened and interchangeable blades spread the termination prongs to allow fast and easy insertion of the wire into the contact, providing a tight termination that resists corrosion. The blade finishes the job in the same motion by neatly cutting off excess wire.
  • Adjustable Impact
  • Hardened Steel Blades
  • Accepts a Variety of Interchangeable Blades
  • Extra Blade Storage in Handle

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