AT&T Spirit 4x0 Card for 1224

(Model # SP40)
AT&T Spirit 4x0 Card for 1224

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Spirit 4x0 Card for 1224.
  • Allows you to add 4 more outside lines per card
  • Each card has 1 bridged line jack for power failure or other tip/ring devices
  • Max of 6 line cards per system
Spirit Telephones and telephone systems are perfect for a small company that has needs of a basic telephone system. Spirit Telephone Systems are solid reliable systems with the features a growing business needs at great low cost solution. At&t Spirit Telephones are very simple, they come in the colors black or white and also come with 24 or 6 buttons. The Spirit Telephone systems allows you to grow your system when your business grows. Start the At&t Spirit Telephone systems 1224, 2448 with 4 lines and 8 extensions and as your company grows let your Avaya At&t Spirit Telephone systems 1224, 2448 grow with your company.

Upgrading your Spirit Telephone System
You can still upgrade and enhance your Spirit telephone systems. Where new inventory is no longer available, we continue to offer refurbished products.

308 Control Unit and 616 Expansion Unit
Add the Spirit 616 Expansion Unit to add lines and extensions to your 308 Control Unit. Upgrade to the enhanced 24-button or 48-Button Spirit attendant. Whatever Spirit telephone system you have now, you'll find we've made it easy to add new lines, extensions, or enhancements.

Spirit Telephone System 1224 Control Unit
Add expansion cards to your 1224 Control unit. Also available for the Spirit Telephone System 1224 Control Unit is the economical 6-Button SPIRIT telephone, ideal for that new employee.

Double Your Capacity
The Spirit 308 Telephone System capacity may be easily doubled by adding the Spirit 616 Expansion Unit. Now your small Spirit Telephone System has the capacity for 16 telephones! The Spirit 1224 is the largest Spirit system and may be easily expanded into an even larger Spirit Telephone Sytem by adding Line and Extension Expansion Cards. The Spirit 1224/248 allows for the addition of a Lucent Techonologies Call Accounting System to track, bill back, and monitor call activity.

System 616 Expansion Unit
The Spirit 616 Expansion Unit expands your Spirit 308 Control Unit to a capacity of 6 lines to 16 extensions. Easily attachs to the basic Spirit 308 Control unit. Adds a third accessory interface jack for answering machines, modems, and fax machines. Requires Spirit 308 Control Unit.

System 2448 Expansion Unit
The System 2448 Expansion Unit Expands capacity of spirit 1224 Control unit from 12 lines and 24 extensions to 24 lines and 48 extensions. Includes external power supply and connecting hardware. Line or station cards must be purchased separately. Requires Spirit 1224 Control Unit.

System 1224/2448 4-Line Expansion Card
The 4-Line Expansion Card allows you to add 4 more outside lines per card.

  • System 1224/2448 8-Station Expansion Card
  • Maximum of 6 line cards per system

System 1224/2448 8-Station Expansion Card
The Spirit 8-Station Expansion Card allows you to add 8 more Spirit Phones per card.

  • Paging Groups consist of the Spirit telephones connected to each 8 station card.
  • Maximum of 6 station cards per station

Spirit Telephones
Spirit Telephones are available in 6-Button and 24-button models. Also available is the 48-Button attendant adjunct.

Spirit Connect/r
The Spirit Connect/r eliminates the need for dedicated lines when adding telephone devices to your system, saving expensive line charges when the devices share Spirit system lines. 4 operating modes let you decide which device has priority access to the connection.

  • Attached devices must be a single line device (requiring 1 line for operation) and stand alone (able to process calls without being attached to a Control Unit or other system device).
  • Devices may be used to originate or answer calls, but not to transfer calls

Spirit Alerter Interface
The Spirit Alerter Interface allows you to connect an extra alert device to a system alert jack without the option of connecting devices at individual stations.

  • Connect universal alert (not included) to a system alert jack for call notification in noisy areas; a strobe for visual notification.
  • Your Control Unit and alert device connect to the Alerter Interface, which plugs into a wall socket and acts as a power booster, supplementing your Control Unit's power supply.

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