Samsung Flashmail 4 Port Voice Mail

(Model # SVMI-8)
Samsung Flashmail 4 Port Voice Mail

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The SVMi-8 is a self contained plug in voice mail and auto attendant card for the DCS, DCS 50 and DCS 50si. Supports up to 8 ports (hard disk version only / 4 ports on flash memory version) and 1000 mailboxes. Designed to meet the demands of the sophisticated voice mail user without sacrificing simplicity.
  • Caller ID compatible
  • Expandable
  • Fax detection and flexible numbering plan
  • Keyset display and soft key support
  • MOH supply
  • Multiple mailbox support
  • Operating mode-oriented call processing
  • Operating mode override
  • Proprietary design
  • Recordable system prompts
  • Schedule table
  • Synchronized clock
Samsung brings you the world's easiest way to integrate the highest quality voice mail and fax processing with state-of-the-art phone products. The SVMi Samsung Voice Mail does it all simply, without the hassle of having to deal with the outdated technology. The SVMi not only becomes part of the phone system, but it offers intelligence far beyond that of other systems. Easy to install and even easier to maintain, it has no moving parts, and that makes it incredibly reliable. Make a sound investment in your business and watch it help your business become everything you dreamed it would be and more.

Voice Mail Features

  • Answer Machine Emulation
    With a DCS keyset, you can monitor messages being left in your voice mail box through the speaker of your telephone, just like screening a call on your home answer machine.
  • Broadcast
    The system administrator can broadcast a message to everyone in the system.
  • Call Back
    Press one key and automatically call back the person who left you the message.
  • Date and Time Stamp
    Each message you receive will be stamped with the time and date of its arrival.
  • External Notification
    When you have messages in your mailbox, you are alerted at your cell phone, home phone or a pager.
  • Individual Mailbox Greeting
    Each mailbox has its own personalized individual greeting recorded in the your voice.
  • Message Counter
    Every time you access your mailbox, you are told the number of new and old messages.
  • Message Scan
    When you retrieve your messages, you can easily 'scan' through them. The first few seconds of each message will be played, and then it will go to the next message.
  • Message Fast Forward and Rewind
    Easily skip through a message if you are looking for a specific piece of information.
  • Message Forward With Append
    Messages can be forwarded to other mailboxes in the system with introductory remarks.
  • Message Pause
    You can simply pause the message at any time while listening to your messages.
  • Message Retrieve
    Any sent message can be canceled before the recipient has received it.
  • Message Skip
    When listening to new messages, you can quickly search for a specific message, and still save all the new messages as new.
  • Message Undelete
    Undelete will retrieve messages that have been previously deleted that day. No more losing valuable messages forever by pressing the wrong button.
  • Message Waiting Light Indication
    An instant indication on your keyset tells you when you have new messages. Press one button and connect with your voice mail.
  • New or Old Message Selection
    Access your mailbox and you can choose to listen to either new or old messages.
  • Personal Mailbox Administration
    Change settings for your mailbox any time you like, from any phone anywhere in the world.
  • Quick Memo / Direct Messaging
    It is easy to leave messages for others in the office. Access mailboxes without calling the extension first.

System Features

  • Alphabetic Directory
    Callers who do not know your extension number but know your name may enter the first few letters of your name and then easily be transferred.
  • Audiotext
    Audiotext allows you to provide information only, without giving the option to record a message.
  • Automatic After Hours Answering
    The main greeting changes from the day to night greeting automatically.
  • Caller ID Compatible
    If you have caller ID, the SVMI-4 and SVMi-8 captures the caller ID and saves it in your voice mailbox with each message. Then you can call back the person leaving the message.
  • Incoming Call Overflow
    You can answer any or all lines immediately or answer only the calls that your operator does no pick up.
  • Keyset Display and Soft Key
    You will be able to navigate through the SVMI-4 and SVMi-8 menus using the keyset display and the soft keys below the display to respond to the prompts.
  • Recordable System Prompts
    You can add or record some prompts to suit your particular business.
  • Synchronized Clock
    The SVMI-4 and SVMi-8 clock is responsible for providing each message with a date and time stamp. Changing between day and night modes is always synchronized with the phone system.


SVMI-4 is Samsung's newest voicemail product. Built with the reliabilty and features found in larger systems, the SVMI-4 is specifically designed to function with DCS Compact and DCS 50si. With 4 ports, 32 mailboxes and a full auto attendant, the SVMI-4 brings a higher level of professionalism to your business.

The SVMI-4 comes equipped with 2 ports and capability for 16 mailboxes, and it can be easily upgraded to 4 ports and 32 mailboxes using an upgrade key. The DCS Compact supports either the 2 port SVMI-4 or the 4 port SVMI-4 card. The DCS50si supports only the SVMI-4. The SVMI-4 has no moving parts. The memory capacity is almost 5 hours, and is stored on a 64Mb Compact Flash module. The installation of the SVMI-4 is extremely simple. Extension and mailbox information is automatically downloaded upon power up, and the system will operate as soon as it is turned on. Thus making the SVMI-4 an ideal choice for any growing business.


The SVMi-8 is a self contained plug in voice mail/auto attendant card for the DCS, iDCS 500 and DCS 50si. Designed to meet the demands of the sophisticated voice mail user without sacrificing simplicity. It may act as an Auto Attendant system only, a Voice mail system only or both.

Out of the box the SVMi-8 can handle 4 calls simultaneously, and it can be easily upgraded to handle up to 8 calls simultaneously. No external line or power connections are necessary, these are accomplished directly through the phone system. The SVMi-8's modular design allows it to be expanded to add voice ports as needed. Because the SVMi-8 is able to handle up to 8 lines you'll never miss an important message again. The SVMi-8 provides full integration capabilities and features unlike any other voicemail system in the market today.

Flashmail Feature Charts

SKU Storage Type Condition
SVMI-8-R-FL Flash Memory Refurbished
SVMI-8-R-HD Hard Disk Refurbished
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