Corning UV-Cured Glass-Insert (MM) Connector Termination Kit with Single Cure Lamp

(Model # TKT-012R)


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Termination kit for the Corning Cable Systems Ceramic ST compatible and SC MM UV-cured connectors. Tools plus consumables for up to 500 connectors.
  • This kit contains the following:
    • Interconnect Adapter
    • Electricianís Scissors
    • Tweezers
    • Plastic Box
    • Jacket Stripping Tool
    • (2)AA Alkaline Batteries
    • (2)Bottles
    • Compressed Air
    • (2)Universal Polishing Fixtures
    • 8.5 in x 11 in Glass Plate
    • (20)Music Wire
    • White Lapping Film
    • Gray Lapping Film
    • Single-port UV-Light with AC Adapter
    • Permanent Marker
    • Strip Length Gauge, RPP
    • 100x Microscope (ST/SC/FC)
    • No Nik-Stripper
    • (3)Razor Blades
    • Connector Wrench
    • Carbide Scribe
    • Lint-Free Wipes
    • Plier Type Fiber Stripper
    • Instructions, RPP GIC
    • Instructions, UV-150
    • Instructions for Jacket Stripper
    • Instructions for Fiber Stripper
    • Instructions for No-Nik Stripper
    • Instructions, 100x Microscope
This item contains compressed air. It may only be shipped via ground shipping.
SKU International Version (220 Volt)
TKT-012R No
TKT-012R-INT Yes