Panduit® Thermal Transfer Self-Laminating Label

(Model # TTSL-2)
Panduit® Thermal Transfer Self-Laminating Label

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Thermal Transfer Self-Laminating Label.
  • Self-laminating adhesive labels supplied on rolls, include a colored print-on area and clear overlaminate
  • Use with PANDUIT RMH4BL hybrid thermal transfer ribbon
  • White print-on area is highly legible
  • Clear overlaminate protects legend
  • Adhesive designed to insure long term bonding
  • Vinyl material for indoor applications and TEDLAR material for outdoor and high temperature applications
  • Selected labels available in other colors
SKU Material Size/ Quantity Color
TTSL-2 Vinyl 1.00 x 1.50 (2500ea) White
TTSL-2BU Vinyl 1.00 x 1.50 (2500ea) Blue
TTSL-2IG Vinyl 1.00 x 1.50 (2500ea) Gray
TTSL-2RD Vinyl 1.00 x 1.50 (2500ea) Red
TTSL-2YL Vinyl 1.00 x 1.50 (2500ea) Yellow
TTSL-3 Vinyl 2.00 x 1.50 (1000ea) White
TTSL-3BU Vinyl 2.00 x 1.50 (1000ea) Blue
TTSL-3RD Vinyl 2.00 x 1.50 (1000ea) Red
TTSL-3YL Vinyl 2.00 x 1.50 (1000ea) Yellow
TTSL-4 Vinyl 1.00 x 2.44 (1500ea) White
TTSL-4BU Vinyl 1.00 x 2.44 (1500ea) Blue
TTSL-4RD Vinyl 1.00 x 2.44 (1500ea) Red
TTSL-4YL Vinyl 1.00 x 2.44 (1500ea) Yellow
TTSL-5 Vinyl 2.00 x 2.44 (500ea) White
TTSL-5BU Vinyl 2.00 x 2.44 (500ea) Blue
TTSL-5RD Vinyl 2.00 x 2.44 (500ea) Red
TTSL-5YL Vinyl 2.00 x 2.44 (500ea) Yellow
TTSL-54 Tedlar 1.00 x 1.50 (2500ea) White
TTSL-55 Tedlar 2.00 x 1.50 (1000ea) White
TTSL-56 Tedlar 1.00 x 2.44 (1500ea) White
TTSL-57 Tedlar 2.00 x 2.44 (500ea) White