Panasonic DBS 576 to DBS Expansion Cable Kit - CBLDBS, Refurbished

(Model # VB-44452)


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The CBLDBS card supports the interconnection between cabinets when DBS cabinets are connected to the DBS 576. This card establishes the bus connections (PCM highway and terminal control) between the base DBS 576 cabinet(s). It also controls the connections to the time switch unit (TSW-288/TSW-576) installed in the first Base cabinet.

The CBLDBS card installs in the AUX1 slot of each connected DBS cabinet. An inter-cabinet connection cable is used with each cabinet.

NOTE: The DBS-576-to-DBS configuration can support a maximum of 528 ports, including the ports in the DBS cabinet. Up to 2 DBS cabinets can be included in the configuration.

DBS DEC (Digital Extension Cards) are supported, but there is no DBS TRK (trunk) card support. A special MDF board is required; it's included with the CBLDBS kit.