Viking Weather Resistant Outside Doorbox

(Model # W-1000)
Viking Weather Resistant Outside Doorbox

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  • Weather Protection
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  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
Weather Resistant Outside Doorboxes.
W-1000 Features:
  • High output speaker amplifier with volume adjustment POT
  • Microphone volume adjustment POT
  • 24 volt talk battery
  • 20 Hz ring generator
  • Compact 45 terminal strip for easy wiring
  • Selectable number of rings (2, 3, 10 or 30)
  • Extended operating temperature range: -15F to 130F
  • Door/Gate entry system for any phone system
  • Use with Viking's RC-2A, or RC-3 to operate electronic door strikes
  • Add the VE-5X5 to allow the W-1000 to be surface mounted or attached to a gooseneck
  • Made in the USA

Provide your business or residential customers with the security and convenience of conversing with visitors from their own phone prior to allowing entry. Ideal for night doors, shipping/receiving departments, warehouses., residential applications or any security-sensitive entry, Designed to install on an unused trunk input on Electronic or IA2 single or multiline 'No KSU' phones and PABX. When the 'Call' button is pressed the unit rings the phones up to 10 times (adjustable) or until answered. Microphone volume is provided.

The door boxes provide 24V talk battery permiting loop lengths in excess of 6300 ft., using 24 AWG twisted pair. The power included can be mounted up to 150 ft. from the unit using 24 AWG twisted pair. The units provide 3 REN output (enough to ring six .5 REN phones). To ring additional phones use model, VI-RG-10A Ring Booster. Power supply included.

The W-1000 is a 5' x 5' vandal-resistant black powder painted aluminum flush mount unit. Provides standard ringing. An electrical mounting box is supplied.

Enhanced Weather Protection Option:

Includes weather-sealed trim pots and DIP switches, a special rubber microphone boot and a mylar speaker with a rubber gasket acting as a primary shield against water penetration. If required, face plate gaskets are provided to further eliminate water infiltration. All connections are hand soldered to eliminate corrosion, and the connections at the push button switch, microphone, and "Call Connected" LED are also hand sealed using a special non-corrosive electronics grade flexible silicone sealant. The entire circuit board is "potted" in a flexible urethane encapsulating material, leaving the weather sealed field-adjustable trim pots and DIP switches accessible for on-site programming. The flexible urethane sealant allows the circuit board and its components to expand and contract, while maintaining weather resistance. To protect the tip and ring connections, special connectors filled with anti-corrosive sealing gel are included.

Answer your door or gate safetly from your home telephone. Viking Door Entry Systems provide users with safety and ease for answering the door. Whether you need a basic one door answering system, or a large apartment or office building, Viking Door Entry Systems have the perfect system for you.

Add Weather-Resistant Outside Doorboxes

Provide your business or residential customers with the security and convenience of conversing with visitors from their own phone prior to allowing entry.

For business, these doorboxes are designed to interface directly with the unused trunk input of a PBX or electronic key system. For residential applications, one or two doorboxes can share a single line phone when used with Viking's C-1000 door entry controller.

W-1000/2000A Features:

  • 24 volt talk battery
  • 20 Hz ring generator
  • Microphone volume adjustment
  • 45 terminal strip for easy wiring
  • Adjustable number of rings (1-7)
  • 3.0 REN

W-3000 Features:
  • Residential and Business door security
  • Gate communication
  • Communication with truck stop/gas station fuel islands
  • Communication with delivery and employee entrances
  • Use with Viking's C-1000, RC-2A, or RC-3 to operate electronic door strikes
  • Add the VE-5x5 to allow the W-1000A and W-3000 to be surface mounted or attached to a gooseneck

VE-5x5 Features:

The VE-5x5 is a black powder painted steel, weather resistant box designed to be surface mounted to a single gang box, a wall or a pedestal.

  • Mounts to a standard single gang box
  • Mounts directly to the wall

RC-2A and RC-3 Remote DTMF Controllers

Designed for use with W-1000/2000A/3000 Doorboxes or as a stand-alone "Dial-up" remote Touch Tone controller. These units can operate door strikes, gate openers, or control equipment at remote locations using a touch tone phone.

RC-2A Features:
The RC-2A Remote Controller provides remote relay operation from any standard Touch Tone telephone. For off-premise applications, the RC-2A will answer analog C.O. lines or PABX/KSU stations after a selectable ring delay. A field programmable access code can also be programmed to prevent unauthorized usage. The RC-2A will then allow remote relay operation.

  • Programmable access code
  • Normally open or normally closed relay
  • Selectable relay closure times
  • Selectable ring delay (1, 2, 6, or 15)
  • Easy installation with modular jacks and screw terminals
  • Automatic disconnect or return to secure mode after 60 seconds

RC-3 Features:
The RC-3 Remote Controller provides remote relay operation for up to 3 relays from any touch tone telephone. The RC-3 will answer C.O. lines or analog PABX/KSU station ports and allow remote relay operation after programmable number of rings. A field programmable security code can also be programmed to prevent unauthorized usage.

  • Programmable security code
  • Selectable relay time delays
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Switchable 12V DC talk battery
  • Programmable ring delay
  • Cascadeable to provide up to 9 relay closures
  • Easy installation with modular jacks and screw terminals
  • Normally open or normally closed relays

C-3000 Apartment Entry System

Designed to address a variety of apartment entry applications, Viking C-3000 Entry System provides secure multi-tenant building access, without the need for CO lines; the only requirement is that each tenant have a touch-tone telephone set wired to their apartment.

Allows you to connect 12, 24, up to 96 apartments to a front and rear K-1700-3 Entry Phone (or any touch tone phone).

  • Expands up to 96 apartments by adding more C-3000's
  • Eliminates monthly expense of a C.O. line
  • Keyless entry code for each tenant
  • Program from the manager's office
  • No need to add "C.O. call waiting" feature to tenant's lines
  • Functions with or without tenant C.O. lines

K-1900-3 Apartment/Office Door Entry

The K-1900-3 converts any touch tone phone into a multi-number auto dialer that will store up to 150 telephone numbers in non-volatile E2 memory. Use with Vikings K-1700-3 or K-1900-8 phones to provide vandal resistant handsfree or handset communication.

When a call initiated by the K-1900-3 is answered by an apartment or business tenant, a built-in contact closure may be activated to control electric gates or door strikes. Up to 150 keyless entry codes can also be programmed, allowing tenants to let themselves in.

  • Compatible with Vikings vandal resistant K-1700-3, K-1900-8 or any touch tone phone
  • Non-volatile E2 memory (no batteries required)
  • Remotely or locally programmable
  • Stores 150 tenant touch tone phone numbers
  • Programmable tenant relay activation codes and keyless entry codes
  • Programmable master keyless entry code
  • Multi-number dialer mode for kiosks etc.
  • Ring-thru mode for calling entry phone
  • Programmable call timer
  • Normally open and normally closed (DPDT) relay contacts for controlling door strikes and magnetic locks
  • Auxilary relay input to trigger a timed relay activation for postal locks, etc.
  • Provides 18V DC to power doorstrikes, magnetic locks, etc.
  • Touch Tone and pulse dialing toll restriction
  • Always allows 911 and 311 outside calls

K-1700-3 Handsfree Speaker Phone

The K-1700-3 is an attractive handsfree telephone designed especially for apartment and door entry applications. The K-1700-3 comes complete with a standard, flush mount, rough-in box. In addition, an optional weather resistant, surface mount box is available.

  • Vandal Resistant Features: 14 louvered, stainless steel faceplate with stainless steel speaker/mic screen, heavy duty metal keypad and "Call" button
  • Weather Resistant Features: faceplate gasket, sealed keypad, mylar speaker with rubber gasket and conformal coated circuit board
  • Built-in electronic ringer
  • Yellow "in use" indicator LED
  • Volume adjustments for microphone, speaker and ringer
  • Disconnects on busy, return to dial tone, CPC, silence time out and maximum call time out
  • Selectable auto-answer feature
  • Extended operating temperature range -26C to 54C (-15F to 130F)
  • Zinc plated steel rough-in box with (2) 3/4" conduit knockouts
  • Optional surface mount box available (VE-6x7)
  • Momentary or continuous touch tone output

AES-2000S Accessible Entry System

The Viking Accessible Entry System is a Hands-Free phone with a built in auto-dialer, which will allow access to apartment/office buildings by using existing public telephone lines.

  • Digital announcer set from factory for 75 names
  • Non-Volatile memory
  • Door strike contacts
  • Postal lock input
  • Remote recording and programming
  • Designed to help meet ADA requirements
SKU Weather Protection
W-1000-EWP Enhanced
W-1000 Standard
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