Legrand - Ortronics Clarity 5E TracJack™

(Model # OR-TJ5E00)
Legrand - Ortronics Clarity 5E TracJack™
Legrand - Ortronics

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Ortronics introduces the Clarity5E TracJack™ with center tuned technology. Clarity5E TracJack™ exceed TIA Category 5e component compliance but, more importantly, are precision tuned to the same optimized center values as are Clarity5E patch cords. This maximizes each mated union for significantly improved cross talk and return loss performance that is field measurable in the link or channel. The Clarity5E TracJack™ also reflects mechanical improvements that make it easier to terminate while reducing the size of the jack.
TracJack™ Clarity 5E Features:
  • Meets Category 5e component specifications TIA/EIA-568-B.2
  • ETL 3rd party component tested and verified
  • Mated union with Clarity5E cords is more transparent to signal
  • New low emission IDC contacts have less metallic mass for better noise protection
  • IDCs were designed with impedance values more closely matched to 100 ohm cable for improved return loss
  • Supports standard termination practice—110 impact tool
  • Easy to follow universal wiring label, quick and user-friendly, eliminates confusion and is front removable
  • Fits in all TracJack™ plates and housings with standard TracJack™ footprint
  • Icon compatible, 5E marking on jack face
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Available Colors:
    • Fog White
    • Black
    • Electrical Ivory
    • Purple
    • Light Red
    • Light Orange
    • Light Yellow
    • Light Green
    • Light Blue
    • Dark Blue
    • Dark Red
    • Dark Orange
    • Dark Yellow
    • Dark Green
    • Light Gray Wiremold
    • Gray Wiremold
    • Cloud White
    • Wiremold Ivory
SKU Color Quantity
OR-TJ5E00 Fog White Single
OR-TJ5E00-5PK Fog White Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-20PK Fog White Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-00 Black Single
OR-TJ5E00-00-5PK Black Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-00-20PK Black Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-13 Electrical Ivory Single
OR-TJ5E00-13-5PK Electrical Ivory Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-13-20PK Electrical Ivory Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-27 Purple Single
OR-TJ5E00-27-5PK Purple Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-27-20PK Purple Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-22 Light Red Single
OR-TJ5E00-22-5PK Light Red Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-22-20PK Light Red Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-23 Light Orange Single
OR-TJ5E00-23-5PK Light Orange Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-23-20PK Light Orange Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-24 Light Yellow Single
OR-TJ5E00-24-5PK Light Yellow Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-24-20PK Light Yellow Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-25 Light Green Single
OR-TJ5E00-25-5PK Light Green Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-25-20PK Light Green Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-26 Light Blue Single
OR-TJ5E00-26-5PK Light Blue Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-26-20PK Light Blue Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-36 Dark Blue Single
OR-TJ5E00-36-5PK Dark Blue Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-36-20PK Dark Blue Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-42 Dark Red Single
OR-TJ5E00-42-5PK Dark Red Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-42-20PK Dark Red Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-43 Dark Orange Single
OR-TJ5E00-43-5PK Dark Orange Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-43-20PK Dark Orange Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-44 Dark Yellow Single
OR-TJ5E00-44-5PK Dark Yellow Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-44-20PK Dark Yellow Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-45 Dark Green Single
OR-TJ5E00-45-5PK Dark Green Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-45-20PK Dark Green Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-68 Light Gray Wiremold Single
OR-TJ5E00-68-5PK Light Gray Wiremold Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-68-20PK Light Gray Wiremold Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-78 Gray Wiremold Single
OR-TJ5E00-78-5PK Gray Wiremold Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-78-20PK Gray Wiremold Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-88 Cloud White Single
OR-TJ5E00-88-5PK Cloud White Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-88-20PK Cloud White Pack of 20
OR-TJ5E00-99 Wiremold Ivory Single
OR-TJ5E00-99-5PK Wiremold Ivory Pack of 5
OR-TJ5E00-99-20PK Wiremold Ivory Pack of 20
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