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Erico Deck Hanger with 3/8" Plain Hole (Box of 100)
Model # TDH

The Deck Hanger is for attaching fasteners to deck....Read More

Usually ships in 10 weeks
Erico ISSP Strut Plate
Model # ISSP375

Box of 100 ISSP Strut Plates....Read More

Usually ships in 2 weeks
Erico Column Strut Clamps Pack of 100
Model # INC8T5

For attachment of strut inside wide flange column or beams....Read More

Usually ships in 2 weeks
Erico Wide Mouth Beam Clamp, up to 1 5/8" Flange Size (Package of 100)
Model # BC140037EG

The Wide Mouth Beam Clamps permit quick attachment to beam flanges up to 1 5/8" thickness without drilling or welding....Read More

In Stock
Garvin Direct Mount Bridle Ring (Package of 100)
Model # BR-150-SSC

1-1/2" direct mount bridle ring with drive pin & washer attached for quick installation by a standard power actuated tool/gun. Package of 100. Read More

Garvin Drive Ring (Box of 25)
Model # DRV

Galvanized nail on drive ring. Available 25 pieces per Box. Read More

Erico Beam Clamps Thru 1/2" Flange
Model # BCXXM

The "lightweight-heavyweight" alternative to malleable clamps for support of various components to beam. Pre-riveted combinations available....Read More

Erico Beam Clamp
Model # BC200-CDXB

Fit flanges up to 5/8" and accept 1/4"-20 threaded components. Available pre-riveted to conduit/pipe hangers up to 2"....Read More

Erico Combination Box/Conduit Hangers, 1/4-20 x 5/8" Stud (Bundle of 25)
Model # 812MB18S

The Combination Box/Conduit Hangers provide 66% less Drop Wires in rod/wire applications....Read More

Erico Snap-in J-Hook (Box of 40)
Model # CAT12ESC

The Snap-in J-Hook is the ideal solution for retrofit and add-on installations since it uses the existing strut framework. Available in a box of 40....Read More