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Aastra 6739i Executive Sip IP Terminal Full-Color Large Touch-Screen Display GIG POE
Model # A6739-0131-10-01

Aastra 6739i is ideally suited for professionals who require a powerful, flexible IP telephone to maximize their communications efficiency....Read More

Mitel 5010 IP Phone
Model # 50000374

Mitel 5010 IP phone is a dual port, multi-line display IP telephone that provides programmable features and applications enabled by Mitel Networks IP-based Integrated Communications Platforms. It is idea...Read More

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Mitel 5215 IP Phone (Refurbished)
Model # 50003790

Mitel 5215 IP phone is a dual port, hands-free IP speakerphone with multi-line backlit display and programmable feature keys. It provides intuitive access to sophisticated call handling and converged applications...Read More

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Mitel 5224 IP Phone
Model # 50004894

Mitel 5224 IP phone is designed for the enterprise power-user, the new Mitel 5224 IP Phone provides robust features and functionality needed for today’s progressive enterprise professional. It is dua...Read More

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(Formerly known as i2004 Internet Telephone)
Nortel IP Phone 2004 with Power Supply (Formerly known as i2004 Internet Telephone)
Model # I2004

IP Phone 2004 is a professional-level desktop VOIP Phone which is ideally suited for managers, knowledge workers and administrative staff. IP Phone 2004 supports up to twelve user-defined line / programmabl...Read More

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Nortel IP Audio Conference Phone 2033
Model # NTEX11AA70

The IP Audio Conference Phone 2033 is a full duplex, handsfree conference phone for the desktop, offering 360 degree room coverage with support of Nortel IP telephony features. It meets the IEEE 1329 standar...Read More

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Aastra 53i IP Telephone
Model # A1753-0131-10-01

The Aastra 53i offers flexibility in a standard based, carrier-grade basic level IP telephone. With a sleek and elegant design and 3 line LCD display, the 53i is fully interoperable with leading IP Telephon...Read More

Aastra 55i IP Telephone
Model # A1755-0131-10-01

The Aastra 55i offers powerful features and flexibility in a standards based, carrier-grade advanced level expandable IP telephone. With a sleek and elegant design, 144 x 75 pixel backlit LCD display an...Read More

Nortel 1100 (GEM) Expansion Module without Power Supply (Refurbished)
Model # NTYS08AAE6

Expansion Module for IP phone 1100 without power supply. Compatible with Power Supply Read More


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Non-Returnable and Non-Cancellable!
Poly VoiceStation 300
Model # 2200-17910-001

Polycom VoiceStation 300 is a small conference phone ideally suited for desktops, offices, and other small rooms. With a microphone range of up to seven feet, the VoiceStation 300 is ideal for small conference...Read More

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Nortel i2004 10 piece set Function Buttonset
Model # 38080

i2004 10 piece set Function Buttonset includes 1 hold, 1 goodbye, 1 quit, 1 copy, 1 headset, 1 directory, 1 Msg/inbox, 1 shift/outbox, 1 services, and 1 expand. Read More

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Nortel AC Cord NA 1.8M 10AMP IEC320-C13 ROHS
Model # NTYS14AAE6

AC Cord NA 1.8M 10AMP IEC320-C13 ROHS. Read More

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Gigaset DX800A Multiline Desktop Phone for VoIP and ISDN
Model # DX800A

The Siemens DX800A is a multiline desktop phone for VoIP and ISDN or fixed line calling. It can support up to 4 parallel calls and expandable up to 6 handsets. It has a Large (3.5") TFT-Colour Displa...Read More

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Poly Expansion Microphone for IP 7000 (Package of 2)
Model # 2200-40040-001

Expansion Mics for IP 7000 extends your Polycom IP 7000 SoundStation capabilities....Read More


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Samsung SMT i3105D IP Telephone
Model # SMT-i3105D

i3105 IP telephone provides access to the key features of the OfficeServ 7000 ideal for general office, industrial or retail solutions use through its ability to support either handset, full duplex hand...Read More

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Cortelco VoIP ATA 8212
Model # 821200-ATA-PAK

VoIP Analog Terminal Adaptor, provides a total endpoint solution for interfacing traditional touch tone analog telephones and fax machines to VoIP applications....Read More

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NEC Dterm Series I Telephone (Refurbished)
Model # DTR-8D-1

This ergonomic eight-line IP capable telephone with display is NEC's replacement for DTP series....Read More

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Nortel IP Phone 1110
Model # NTYS02BAE6

The Nortel IP Phone 1110 is a single-line, standard-level desktop IP Phone, which encompasses the sleek, cutting-edge ergonomic design of the IP Phone 1100 Series. IP Phone 1110 integrates a pixel-based...Read More

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Four Line Phone!!!
Nortel 1120E Four Line IP Phone
Model # NTYS03BC

The Nortel IP Phone 1120E is a Multi-Line (Four Lines), intermediate-level desktop phone encompassing a sleek, cutting-edge ergonomic design. IP Phone 1120E delivers an innovative array of features includin...Read More

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Multi-Line Professional-Level
Nortel IP Phone 1140E (Multi-line Professional-Level)
Model # NTYS05

Nortel IP Phone 1140E delivers an innovative array of features including a high-resolution, fully-backlit, pixel-based graphical monochrome greyscale display, support for data and web-based application...Read More


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