Panasonic Application Processor Interface Card (API1) (Refurbished)
Model # VB-44131

The API provides an interface path between the telephone system's information BUS and a personal computer-based application (such as external integrated voice mail or external enhanced ACD)....Read More

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Panasonic T-1 Interface Card
Model # VB-44550

The T-1 interface is a digital CO line card that provides up to 24 voice channels over a four-wire circuit....Read More

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Panasonic Network Synchronizing Unit - SYNC
Model # VB-44460

This unit provides network synchronization and is required with digital circuits such as ISDN and T1. The SYNC card synchronizes the PCM clock with an outside resource....Read More

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Panasonic Conference Card (4 circuits) - Refurbished
Model # VB-44120

This is a conference speech card with four 8-party conference circuits. One conference card per cabinet can be installed into any flexible slot....Read More


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Panasonic DBS 576 to DBS Expansion Cable Kit - CBLDBS, Refurbished
Model # VB-44452

The CBLDBS card supports the interconnection between cabinets when DBS cabinets are connected to the DBS 576. This card establishes the bus connections (PCM highway and terminal control) between the bas...Read More

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Panasonic Time Switch 288 Card (Refurbished)
Model # VB-444202

The TSW-288 provides the time switch circuitry required for up to 288 ports. This card must be used with the CPC-288. This unit installs in the first option slot of the first Base Cabinet. Only one car...Read More

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Panasonic ISDN Primary Rate Interface Card (T/S -point) - PRI/23
Model # VB-44540

The PRI/23 card supports both S-point and T-point ISDN. Read More

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Panasonic PC Card
Model # VB-44431

PCMCIA card that stores system memory for the CPC 576 processor card. Required when using the CPC 576. Read More

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