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Klein Tools, Inc. 10-in-1 Screwdriver/Nut Driver
Model # 32477

Features 5/16" & 1/4" nut drivers, #1 and #2 Phillips, 1/4" & 3/16" slotted, #10 & #15 TORX, and #1 and #2 square-recess. End of handle is marked to quickly identify tool....Read More

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Ideal 9-In-1 Ratch-A-Nut Screwdriver
Model # 35-988

9-in-1 Ratch-a-nut premium screwdriver is able to handle high torque without failure and it's wire connector wrench prevents finger fatigue and gets in tight spots....Read More

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Ideal 5-Piece Screwdriver Set
Model # 35-297

Comes in a heavy-duty vinyl pouch....Read More

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Klein Tools, Inc. 4-In-1 Screwdriver
Model # 32460

Versatile screwdriver with interchangeable, snap-in blades. Tool supplied with four different tips on two reversible blades....Read More

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Ideal 8-Piece Screwdriver Set
Model # 35-298

8-piece screwdriver set....Read More

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Klein Tools, Inc. 7-Piece Combination Screwdriver Set
Model # 85276

Set contains two Phillips-tip Bull Driver screwdrivers, two slotted keystone-tip screwdrivers, and three popular cabinet-tip screwdrivers. Reclosable, seal-tight vinyl pouch....Read More

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Ideal Insulated Screwdrivers, Set of 6
Model # 35-9310

Ideal insulated screwdrivers are induvidually tested and VDE certified to 1000V AC (1500V DC). Each one is designed and tested to meet ASTM F1505-01, EN, DIN, and IEC 60 900 test standards....Read More

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Ideal Electrician's Tool Kit
Model # 35-805

Electrician's Tool Kit...Read More

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