Nortel T24 Expansion Module, Charcoal
Model # NT8B29AAAA

T24 KIM is an 24 button add-on module for either line or extension....Read More

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Nortel T7316 Multi-Function Speakerphone with Display (Refurbished)
Model # NT8B27AA

This fully-featured multi-line telephone has a two-line, 16 character-per-line LCD window. It provides access to a total of 24 memory buttons, and it offers ample coverage for business call areas and suppor...Read More

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Nortel T-Series Amplified Handset
Model # HST6

T-Series amplified handsets. Comes either Amplified or Amplified Noise-Canceling in charcoal or platinum colors. Read More

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Nortel Nortel Phone Key Expansion Module
Model # NTEX00DA70

24 Button key lamp module for Nortel BCM IP phones. Available in Charcoal. Read More

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Nortel IP Audio Conference Phone 2033 with Extension Microphones (Refurbished)
Model # NTEX11BA70

The Nortel IP Audio Conference Phone 2033 is a full duplex, handsfree conference phone for the desktop, offering 360 degree room coverage with support of Nortel IP telephony features. It meets the IEE...Read More

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Nortel Door Opening Controller
Model # NT8B79

Equipped with the Door Opening Controller (DOC), the Norstar doorphone allows the occupant to unlock electric doors simply by pressing an OPEN softkey display button or a dial pad digit on their Norsta...Read More

Nortel 2001 IP Phone (Refurbished)
Model # NTDU90BC70E6

The Nortel IP Phone 2001 is a standard level, single-line desktop IP telephone. It is designed specifically for public areas such as lobbies, cafeterias, hallways, and break rooms. It is also ideal fo...Read More