Aastra Replacement Handset for M8000 & M9000 Phones

Replacement handset for Aastra M8000 series and M9000 series telephones. Read More

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Aastra Power Supply for M5316
Model # E0230-393E-00-00

Power Supply for M5316 Aastra / Nortel Meridian Business Phone. Read More


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Aastra Foot Stand for 1 - M522 Expansion Module (Refurbished)
Model # P07801

Footstand used with 1 - M522 Meridian Expansion Module. M522 Single footstand for attaching a single M522 to a M5216 or M5316 Digital Centrex Telephone. Read More

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Aastra 9116 Value Business Phone
Model # A1259-0000

Offers smart, cost effective solutions for growing business needs, combining the most popular business features with surprising affordability. Busy professionals without clerical help who want great valu...Read More

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Aastra M5008 Meridian Business Phone (New)
Model # B0240401

For low usage locations, power failure locations, and locations where users may not be trained on how to activate features, e.g. guest work areas. Good for executives who require easy-to-use features....Read More

Aastra M5208 Meridian Business Phone (Refurb)
Model # B0240404

Equipped with a liquid crystal display, the M5208 combines time-saving and convenience features with easy operation....Read More

Aastra 622 Meridian Expansion Module
Model # M622

The M622 Meridian Add-On Module is compatible with both the M6310 and M6320....Read More

Aastra Wireless Phone Compatible with Nortel M1 Systems (AAS-A1801-0000-16-05)
Model # CM-16

Add cordless mobility to your existing Nortel Meridian M1 system without the need for expensive additional switches, boxes or network gear. The CM-16 supports the Meridian M1 PBX Protocol and emulate...Read More

Aastra CM16 Belt Clip
Model # AAS-D0033-0305-00-00

CM16 Belt Clip compatible with the Aastra CM16 Wireless Phone. Read More

Aastra 560M Expansion Module with LCD Screen and 60 Programmable Keys
Model # A1760-0000-10-55

This product is designed to increase the power and flexibility of the 5i Series SIP telephones. Up to three modules can be used with either the 57i or 57i CT telephone to create a powerful, feature ric...Read More

Aastra Universal AC Adapter for I Series (91, 9480, 67xxi series)
Model # D0023-1051-00-75

Universal AC Adapter for I Series (91, 9480, 67xxi series) Read More