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3M Fiber Optic 2µm Lapping Polishing Film, (Package of 100)
Model # 6192A-254X-2D5

Fiber Optic 2Ám Lapping Polishing Film (Package of 100)....Read More

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Panduit« Replacement Primer for Fiber Optic Polishing Kits (50ml)
Model # FJPMR

Replacement fiber optic polishing primer. Included in Field Polish Fiber Optic Termination Kit (FJKITG). 50ml bottle. Read More

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Hubbell Polishing Film Replacement Kit
Model # OFLFP

Lapping film replenishment kit. Read More


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Hubbell SC/ST and LC Styles Polishing Pucks
Model # OFPUCK

Stainless steel polishing puck for 2.5mm SC & ST connectors. Polishing pucks are also available for 1.25mm LC connectors. Read More


Mfg. List Price: $150.00

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Corning Universal Polishing Puck
Model # 2104020-01

The Universal Polishing Puck is used to polish ST/SC or FC fiber optic connectors. Read More

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Leviton Universal Polishing Puck
Model # 49886-PUC

2.5mm polishing puck. Read More

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Ripley Fiber Optic Polishing Kit
Model # RIP-PK2000

Fiber Optic Polishing Kit is a complete fiber optic connector polishing kit....Read More

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Corning Rubber Polishing Pad
Model # 2104075-01

Only for polishing ceramic ferrules. Not needed for glass-in-ceramic (GIC) ferrules. Read More