Hubbell Basic VELCRO Cable Tie
Model # MCCMV

Reusable VELCRO brand touch fastener cable ties neatly route and manage cable. The basic cable tie consists of a 1" wide hook strap and a loop strap fused together. Used to gather cable bundles up to 7.5...Read More

Usually ships in 2 weeks
Hubbell Screw Mount Cable Tie (Package of 10)
Model # MCCMV9

3/4" wide hook strap and loop strap fused together with a buckle at one end. The buckle end of the strap also has a through-hole reinforced with a steel grommet....Read More

Usually ships in 5 days
Hubbell Plastic Cable Management Rings (Package of 4)
Model # MCCPSR

Plastic Cable Management Rings (Package of 4)....Read More

Usually ships in 10 days