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Siemon Webbed Cable Preparation Tool
Model # CPT-WEB

Preparation tool designed to easily strip the outer cable jacket, flatten and separate the webbed conductors of category 5 cross-connect jumper wire and other UTP cable with webbed conductor pairs. Read More

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3M Fire Barrier Moldable Putty Sticks MP+
Model # 98-0400-5454-0

Modable Putty Sticks in a tube. A synthetic elastomer designed for use as a one part, intumescent fire resistive putty used to restore the integrity of fire rated building construction. Stays pliable...Read More

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Klein Tools, Inc. Nine-Key Inch Folding Hex-Key Set
Model # 70591

Nine-Key Inch Folding Hex-Key Set. Hex ends are square-cut for a secure full-depth fit and maximum contact with the hex socket to prevent slippage and stripping of the socket....Read More

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Ideal Duct Seal 5 lb. Block
Model # 31-605

Seals around junction boxes, flashing and service entrances....Read More

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Ideal Aviation Tin Snips
Model # 35-001

Chrom-molybdenum steel forged blades for greater strength and durability....Read More

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Ideal Triple-Tap Tool
Model # 35-41X

Cleans and chases burred threads. Taps three different hole sizes. Read More

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Ideal Auto-Lock Tape Measure - 25 Ft.
Model # 35-242

The Auto-Lock 25' meausuring tape is equipted with a blade that automatically stays out when extended, a push button for smooth blade retraction, and a comfortable, shock-resistant rubber grip. Read More

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Item is non-returnable and non-cancellable
Siemon 4 Pair TERA Cable Preparation Template Die

4 Pair TERA Cable Preparation Template Die for use with Siemon All Prep Tool. Read More

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Ideal Ergonomic Hacksaw
Model # 35-261

With a cushioned ergonomic grip for performance and comfort, and an angled handle, the ergonomic hacksaw provides easy and precise cuts. It also features a blade which can easily be adjusted for flus...Read More

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Siemon Replacement Dies for AllPrep Cable Preparation Tool
Model # CPT-DIE-EZ

Color coded replacement die's for use with Siemon's AllPrep Cable Preparation Tool (#CPT-RGTP or #HC-CPT-EZTP)....Read More

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Siemon 4-Pair SSTP Cable Replacement Die
Model # CPT-DIE-T4

Replacement die (red), for use with Siemon's TERA Cable Preparation Tool (#CPT-T). Read More

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Ideal Jab Saw
Model # 35-275

The Jab Saw features an ergonomic grip with a replaceable bi-metal wallboard blade as well as the capability to hold all reciprocating blades and hack-saw blades. Read More

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Ideal Aluminum Safety Lockout Padlocks
Model # 44-920

Aluminum safety lockout padlocks are ideal for corrosive and tough environments....Read More

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Ideal Large Breaker Lockout
Model # 44-823

Locks out breakers up to 2-1/2 in. wide and 7/8 in. thick. Designed for large 480/600V breaker switches and accepts up to 9/32 in. padlock shackles. Durable plastic construction; easy to install, no tool...Read More

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Greenlee 13" (330 mm) and 18" (457 mm) PVC Saws
Model # 322-013

PVC Saw has a tooth design that enables straight cuts on both push and pull saw strokes....Read More

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Ideal Hacksaw Blades
Model # 35-271

Bi-metal blades provide strength, flexability, and longer life. Read More

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Ideal Installer Bits
Model # 35-870

Hole in fluted head for pulling wires through walls, ceiling, and floors....Read More

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Klein Tools, Inc. Magic-Slot Compass Saw Handle
Model # 702

Magic-Slot design allows fast blade changing without removing thumbscrew....Read More

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Klein Tools, Inc. Hand Cleaning Towels
Model # 51425

Klien Kleaners pre-moistened towels. Powerful, yet gentle pumice-like cleaning action. Quickly loosens, dissolves, and absorbs dirt and grease....Read More

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Ideal Mag-Tape Tape Measure - 25 Ft.
Model # 35-238

The Mag-Tape 25' measuring tape has a strong magnetic tip for one person measurement, a durable nylon coated blade, and a full rubber jacket protects case. Read More

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