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Nortel Meridian 2008 Business Telephone with Hands Free and Display (Refurbished)
Model # NT2K08GK

For use with Nortel Meridian 1 telephone systems....Read More

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Nortel M2616 Display/Handsfree Phone (Refurbished)
Model # M2616HFLCD

The M2616D is designed for people who require multiple lines and quick access to a broad range of features, as well as the convenience of high quality, built-in handsfree communications. By adding on...Read More

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MISC Wall kits for Nortel M3901/M3902
Model # WALLKIT-36124

Wall kits for Nortel M3901/M3902. Read More

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Nortel Wall Mount for Nortel I2004, M3903, M3904, M3905
Model # NTMN15BA70

Wall Mount for Nortel I2004, M3903, M3904, M3905. Read More

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Aastra Power Supply for M5316
Model # E0230-393E-00-00

Power Supply for M5316 Aastra / Nortel Meridian Business Phone. Read More


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Nortel M-Series Handset (Refurbished)
Model # M2616-HNDST

Replacement handset for Nortel M2616 and M2008 phones. Read More

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Nortel Accessory Connection Module
Model # NTMN71AA70

A0764508 accessory connection module for the M3900 series. Read More

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Nortel M3900 Wall Transformer 110V
Model # NTMN80AA

M3900 Wall Transformer 110V works with M3900 ATA Adaptor. Also compatible with a M3904 Telephone Release 3 (NTMN34GA). Read More

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Nortel 22 Button Add-on Module for M2616 (Refurbished)
Model # NT2K22

Expansion module connects to M2616 to provide 22 additional buttons for line/extension display....Read More

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Nortel M2216ACD Display Phone (Refurbished)
Model # NTZK22

Specifically designed for a call center environment. Programmed in many different ways depending on the configuration of the call center. 2 line, 16 character display included to show call information...Read More

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Nortel Meridian M2250 Attendant Console with Handset & 2 Prong Plug (Refurbished)
Model # M225035

Powerful, fully digital console that delivers efficient, high speed, call processing....Read More

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Nortel Meridian with M2250 Busy Lamp Field/Console Graphics Module (Refurbished)
Model # M2250-BLF

This product is a fully digital attendant console that transforms the attendant position into an efficient call answering/message center....Read More

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Nortel DDP2 E-1 Card (Refurbished)
Model # NT5D97AD

Pack 2.048MBs Dual DTI2 or Dual PRI2 with E-NET 60 channel (DDP2). Read More

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Aastra Foot Stand for 1 - M522 Expansion Module (Refurbished)
Model # P07801

Footstand used with 1 - M522 Meridian Expansion Module. M522 Single footstand for attaching a single M522 to a M5216 or M5316 Digital Centrex Telephone. Read More

Aastra 622 Meridian Expansion Module
Model # M622

The M622 Meridian Add-On Module is compatible with both the M6310 and M6320....Read More

Aastra Wireless Phone Compatible with Nortel M1 Systems (AAS-A1801-0000-16-05)
Model # CM-16

Add cordless mobility to your existing Nortel Meridian M1 system without the need for expensive additional switches, boxes or network gear. The CM-16 supports the Meridian M1 PBX Protocol and emulate...Read More

Aastra CM16 Belt Clip
Model # AAS-D0033-0305-00-00

CM16 Belt Clip compatible with the Aastra CM16 Wireless Phone. Read More

Nortel M3900 Series ATA
Model # A0764493

M3900 series ATA is capable of receiving and passing DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) or dial pulse. The ATA is also capable of supporting modem communication rates of up to 33.6 Kbps. Power Supply an...Read More