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Corning UniCam Installation Tool Kit

Corning Cable Systems basic installation kit for single-fiber and 2-fiber UniCam Connectors, terminates single-fiber ST compatible, SC, LC and FC, as well as 2-fiber UniCam MT-RJ Connectors. Includes FBC-00...Read More

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Leviton Fast Cure Tool Kit
Model # 49800-FTK

Designed for use with any Fast Cure connector: SC, ST, FC, or Simplex LC. Comes in its own compact lightweight case....Read More


Mfg. List Price: $1,242.43

You Save: $158.72 (13%)
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Siemon Lightspeed ST / FC Fiber Termination Kit
Model # FTERM-L2

The Siemon fiber termination kit contains all the tools required for termination of singlemode or multimode ST or SC connectors....Read More

Usually ships in 2 weeks
Corning UniCam Pretium Installation Tool
Model # TL-UCP

UniCam Pretium Installation Tool. Read More

Usually ships in 2 weeks
Panduit® Opti-Crimp Pre-Polished Crimp Termination Kit and Components

Opti-Crimp Pre-Polished Crimp Termination Kit and Components....Read More

Usually ships in 2 weeks
Corning Continuity Test Set Upgrade for UniCam Installation Kit

Converts the existing TKT-UNICAM kit to add the Continuity Test Set (CTS) option. Read More

Corning UV-Cured Glass-Insert (MM) Connector Termination Kit with Single Cure Lamp
Model # TKT-012R

Termination kit for the Corning Cable Systems Ceramic ST compatible and SC MM UV-cured connectors. Tools plus consumables for up to 500 connectors....Read More

Corning Glass-Insert (MM) Connector Consumables
Model # TKT-015

This kit includes replacement materials to terminate up to 500 connectors....Read More

Siemon Template for SC/ST and LC Connectors
Model # FT-TMPL

Available as a replacement part for the FTERM-L2 fiber termination kit or just to speed up termination time. Read More

Siemon Micro-torch for Jacketed LC Terminations
Model # FT-TORCH

Replacement micro-torch for the FTERM-L2 termination kit and FTERM-LC termination upgrade kit. Read More

Corning Heat-Cure Connector Installation Tool Kit
Model # TKT-025

Installation Tool Kit for Corning Cable Systems Heat-Cure FC, ST compatible and SC preradiused ceramic MM or SM connectors. Tools to terminate (95-100-02, 95-100-04, 95-100-08 and 95-200-06, 95-200-08)...Read More