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CommScope - Uniprise UltraPipe 4 Twisted Pair Cable with PE Insulation
Model # 6ECMR

Non-plenum ultrapipe 4 twisted pair cable with polyethylene insulation. Most available in boxes and reels in bulk minimum of 12,000'....Read More

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Genesis Cable UTP Category 5e Voice and Data - 4 Pair/Plenum Rated (1000')
Model # 5088

4 pair category 5e cable for voice, 10/100 Mb/s Ethernet, 4/16 Mb/s Token Ring, FDDI TP-PMD, 155 Mb/s ATM and Gigabit Ethernet....Read More

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Mohawk VersaLAN Indoor/Outdoor 25 Pair Category 5e Shielded Cable
Model # M58783

VersaLAN Indoor/Outdoor 25 Pair Category 5e Shielded Cable performs in wet indoor locations when other cables fail....Read More


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Siemon Z-MAX Category 6A Shielded Trunking Cable Assembly, (295')
Model # TERD6E-P7P7295F

Z-MAX 6A Shielded Trunking Cable Assembly is ideal for data centers and raised floor and ladder rack environments....Read More

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