Channel Vision 4-Input Multi-Room Video Modulator with Built-In IR Engine
Model # E4200IR

4-Input Multi-Room Video Modulator transforms an idle TV channel into an internal channel on which the output of any video source, such as a DVD player, VCR, satellite receiver, security camera, or computer...Read More

Channel Vision 6.5" Soprano Series Marine / Outdoor Speaker System, 1 Pair
Model # OS611

The 6.5 Soprano Series Marine / Outdoor Speakers are not only fade and weather resistant, but durably made out of aluminum and stainless steel hardware for long lasting wear. Ideal for backyard pool areas...Read More

Channel Vision 6002 Color Camera with Flush Mount Housing
Model # 6002-FMC-II

6002 color camera with flush mount housing....Read More

Channel Vision ARIA 6.5 Angled High Performance In-Ceiling Loudspeaker
Model # IC624

Channel Vision's ARIA 6.5 High Performance In-Ceiling Loudspeakers feature high power handling capability providing true stereo quality, for those who want more than just simple background music. Th...Read More

Channel Vision Builder Series 6.5" Round In-Ceiling Loudspeaker
Model # IC608

ARIA'S Builder Series 6.5" In-Ceiling Speakers are designed for economical sound system installations that only require background music....Read More

Channel Vision CAT5 Camera Sequencer
Model # P-6014

CAT5 Camera Sequencer is a 4-input, 2-output CAT5 Camera Sequencer and Switcher....Read More

Channel Vision CAT5 Intercom Station Expander
Model # ST-2100

CAT5 Intercom Station Expander is designed for use with CAT5 Intercom Station (Model #: ST-2000)....Read More

Channel Vision Crescendo 40 Watt Surface Mount Class D Amplifier
Model # A0240

Crescendo 40 Watt Surface Mount Class D Amplifier offers in-room amplification for the system....Read More

Channel Vision Door Strike Relay For CAT5 Intercom Hub
Model # ST-C5IDS

Door Strike Relay is designed for use with CAT5 Intercom Hub (Model #: P-0930)....Read More

Channel Vision Door Strike Relay for TE110
Model # TE110DS

Relay contact that can be activated by the TE110 when the homeowner dials the appropriate touch tone code from any of the house telephones....Read More

Channel Vision Dual Woofer In-Wall Center Channel
Model # LCR625

Dual 6.5" polypropylene woofers with butyl rubber surrounds....Read More

Channel Vision F- Connector Tool - Push & Seal
Model # 1015

Push and Seal F-Connector Tool. Use with 2133 and 2134 F-connectors. Read More

Channel Vision F-Type Connector (Pkg of 100)
Model # 2133

F-type connector. Comes in package of 100. Read More