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Siemon Electrician Scissors

Available as a replacement part for the FTERM-L2 fiber termination kit or just to speed up termination time. Electrician style scissor with serrated cutting edge is perfect for cutting through the Kevla...Read More

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Leviton Aramid Strand Scissors
Model # 49886-SIS

Aramid strand scissors. Read More

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Klein Tools, Inc. Aviation Snips - Straight Cutting Pattern
Model # 1102S

Regular blades have the capacity of cutting 18 gauge cold-rolled sheet metal, and 22 gauge stainless steel sheet metal....Read More

Usually ships in 10 days
Ripley Cable Splicer with Stripping Notches for 19 & 23GA Wire
Model # RIP-925C

Cable Splicer with Stripping Notches is designed for use with 19 and 23 AWG Wire....Read More

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Ideal Electrician's Scissors with Stripping Notch
Model # 35-088

For use in telephone and electrical service applications....Read More

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Klein Tools, Inc. Electrician's Scissors with Stripping Notches
Model # 2100-7

Upper blade has notches for stripping 19- and 23-gauge wire. Designed for telecom and electrical applications and heavy-duty use....Read More

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Fluke Networks Electrician's Snips
Model # 44500-000

Electricianís Snips offer all the great features of the D-Snips, but with a standard handle. Durable forged steel construction, a notched blade, and a file and scraper, on each blade make the Electricianí...Read More

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Ripley Ergonomic Electrician's Scissors/Splicer's Snips
Model # RIP-925CS-ERGO

Ergonomic Electrician's Scissors/Splicer's Snips is an ergonomic snip for linemen and installers....Read More

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