Mitel Superset 430
Model # 9116-000-000

Superset 430 is a speakerphone with LED indicator for convenient, hands free operation....Read More

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Mitel Superset 4015
Model # 9132-015-200-NA

The Superset 4015 provides users with information about incoming calls as well as a wide array of call handling features. The Superset 4015 is ideal for technical support staff, office workers, sales agents...Read More

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Mitel Superset 4025 (Refurbished)
Model # 9132-025-202-NA

Mitel Superset 4025 is ideal for users who require feature-rich telephony functions that can be modified to match their constantly changing needs or resource-intensive daily tasks. It is designed to mee...Read More

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Mitel Superset 4150 (Refurbished)
Model # 9132-150-202-NA

Mitel Superset 4150 is the all-new advanced digital display telephone designed for power users and call center agents requiring mission critical call management functionality....Read More

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Mitel 48 Button Superset 4000 Programmable Key Expansion Module (Refurbished)
Model # 9132-200-202-NA

Mitel 4000 Expand Superset telephone and console functionality with expansion modules....Read More


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Mitel Superconsole 1000, White (Refurbished)
Model # 9189-000-016

Mitel # 9189-000-016 Superconsole 1000 works on most Mitel SX200 and SX2000 Systems....Read More

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Mitel PRI Card (Refurbished)
Model # MC270AA

Universal T1/PRI Card that works with the SX2000 system. Read More


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Mitel SX-2000 Digital Line Card (Refurbished)
Model # MC330AB

SX-2000 digital line card interfaces for up to 16 digital phones....Read More

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