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Siemon Labels for MC425 Cover
Model # MC425-LBL-13

These adhesive backed, lined labels allow technicians to write and maintain circuit information on our MC425, MC4, and BC6 plastic snap-on covers. Read More

Siemon 12-Port Max Panel Mounted on S89D Bracket
Model # MX-89D-12

Offers an economical solution for smaller applications while allowing for a range of different media using the full line of MAX modules....Read More

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Siemon Stand-Off Brackets
Model # SBH-2

Siemon Hinged Stand-off brackets can be mounted to a wall or backboard for a clean and professional appearance....Read More

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Siemon Modular Patch Block
Model # SPB-V

Provides a convenient 24 port modular cross-connect field for equipment with 25 pair female amphenol connector input....Read More

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Hubbell Backboard
Model # 188BB

This metal cable management backboard is used between distribution frames for vertical cable management and provides slack storage for patch cords and jumpers. For ease of placement and installation, th...Read More


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Leviton Snap-On Cover for M Blocks
Model # 40050-MCV

Snaps onto 25- and 50-pair M blocks to protect wiring from dust, dirt and incidental shorting. Transparent plastic permits viewing of wiring and pair assignments. Durable, fire-retardant thermoplastic. Read More

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Leviton Hinged Cover for Demarc Blocks
Model # 40050-MHG

Colored orange to identify the network demarcation point, this hinged cover snaps onto the right side fanning strip of 25- and 50-pair M blocks to protect wiring from dust, dirt and incidental shorting...Read More

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Leviton Designation Strip for M Blocks (Package of 10)
Model # 40056-DSM

Strip snaps onto fanning strips of M blocks to identify pair assignments. Package of 10. Read More

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Leviton M Block Bracket for Jack/Connector Mounting Type 89D
Model # 40089-D

Standoff mounting bracket for 25 and 50 pair M blocks is open at top and bottom so that installers may mount bracket and lay cable, then install connecting blocks easily at a later date. Read More

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Leviton Legs Only, 100-Pair Base (set of two)
Model # 410L2-100

Legs only, 100-pair base (set of two) for 41DW2-100. Read More

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Leviton Legs Only, 50-Pair Base (set of two)
Model # 410L2-50

Legs only, 50-pair base (set of two) for 41DW1-50. Read More

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Leviton Horizontal Cord Rack Mount
Model # 41D1R-HCM

Sturdy single piece construction of fire retardant plastic rated UL 94V-0. Attached to a 19" wide stell rack-mount panel, painted black. Read More


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Garvin 4" Square Junction Box with Old Work Clips and Plaster Ears
Model # 52181-OW

Garvin 52181-OW 3-1/2" Deep, 4" Square Junction Box with Old Work Clips and Plaster Ears and (8) 1/2” & (4) 1/2”-3/4” Side Knockouts and (3) 1/2”, (2) 1/2”-3/4” Bottom Knockouts....Read More

Leviton 12-Port Universal Gigamax Category 5e Patch Block
Model # 5G596-U89

Category 5e patch panel mounted on a 89 bracket with 12 ports densities (connectors in groups of 6) to meet the needs of high-speed data applications. Ideal for enhanced applications and can be used fo...Read More

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Ideal Barrier Strip, 12 Circuit, 20A, 600V
Model # 89-608

Modular 12-circuit design can be cut into sections, or stacked end-to-end to increase number of circuits. Integrated wire protectors prevent twisting and breakage of stranded wire during connection....Read More

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Corning C-303 5-Pin Gas Tube Protector Module (Pkg of 100)
Model # A0328090

Corning Cable Systems C-303 Five-Pin Protector Modules provide protection in a 5-pin type protector for use in central office connector, remote and building entrance terminal applications. The housing...Read More

Allen Tel Bridging Adapter
Model # AT125-SM

Provides input-output connection (bridging) for 25 pair cable. Consists of 25 - 6 position, 2 conductor (RJ11) jacks wired to 2 - 25 pair amphenol connectors (1 male and 1 female) in standard tip rin...Read More

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Allen Tel Voice Connecting Block
Model # AT635A

For connecting registered voice equipment to the switched network. Typical use of these blocks is the connection of alarm and automatic dialers, recording equipment, answering devices, electronic key telephone...Read More

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Coleman Cable 18 Thru 12 AWG - Plenum
Model # CCI-71902-46-23

Power limited circuit and communication cable for use in plenum applications. Remote control, signaling, security systems, sound/audio, and nurse call. Read More


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Coleman Cable Soundsational Signal Extra Flexible Sound Cable
Model # CCI-94762-45-02

Stranded CL3 sound audio cable. General purpose power limited circuit cable used in audio applications. Cable consists of bare copper insulated conductors and an overall jacket. The jacket consists o...Read More


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