Smith Corona PD100 Single Line Telephone with Dial Pad
Model # P11770

Compatible with any Smith Corona headset. Headset not included....Read More

Smith Corona Training Cord
Model # P11810

Training cord for Plantronics, GN Netcom, and Smith Corona headsets. With or without mute. Read More

Smith Corona M16PC PC Compatible Multi Purpose Amplifier
Model # P12198

PC/Telephone interface in an award winning design....Read More

Smith Corona P12 Console Amplifier
Model # P12200

Compatible with any Smith Corona and Plantronics/GN Netcom headset. Read More

Smith Corona Classic Binaural Noise Canceling Headset
Model # P12229

Call center tough, noise canceling headset worn on both ears. Read More

Smith Corona Classic Convertible Noise Canceling Headset
Model # P12230

Two headsets in one! Noise canceling monarual or over the ear style....Read More

Smith Corona Amplifier Replacement Cord
Model # P12237

Coiled QD to Mod cord that connects a Smith Corona headset to a Smith Corona amplifier. Read More

Smith Corona SC911 Dispatch Amplifier
Model # P12478

Push to talk, full feature dispatch....Read More

Smith Corona Classic Quick Direct Connect to 2.5mm Cord
Model # P12546

2.5mm quick disconnect cord for Smith Corona Classic monaural (P12228) and binaural (P12229) headsets. Read More

Smith Corona USB Headset Adapter
Model # P13363

USB Digital Adapter for Smith Corona Apollo and Galaxy headsets. This adapter plugs directly in to USB port. Read More

Smith Corona Headset Wipes (Pkg of 1000)
Model # WIPES

Alcohol-free multi-purpose workstation anti-stat and sanitizer wipes. Package of 1000 wipes. Read More


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