NEC SL1100 Wall-Mount Unit for IP Telephone
Model # 1100162

SL1100 wall-mount unit for IP telephone. Manufacturer's Model # IP4WW-WALL MOUNT UNIT. Read More

NEC Ceiling-Mount Bracket for AP20 Access Point
Model # 730658

Ceiling-mount bracket for AP20 access point. Manufacturer's Model # AP20 CEILING MOUNT. Read More

NEC AP20 & (3) ML440 Bundle
Model # 730653

SMB Wireless ML440 Package. Manufacturer's Model # SMB WIRELESS PACKAGE. Read More

NEC SL1100 Expansion KSU
Model # 1100011

SL1100 Expansion KSU (0 x 8 x 4). Manufacturer's Model # IP4NA-1228ME-B EXP....Read More

NEC SL1100 Expansion Unit Interface Card
Model # 1100110

SL1100 expansion unit interface card. Provides interface to (1 or 2) 1228ME-B Expansion KSU’s. Equipped with connectors for Cat5 expansion cables. Installs in Main KSU. Manufacturer's Model # IP4NA-EXIFB-C1 Read More

NEC External Battery Box without Batteries
Model # 1100114

Provides power during commercial A.C. power failure. One (1) required for Main KSU and one (1) for each Expansion KSU. Wall or floor mountable. One SL1100 KSU can be installed on top of the battery box...Read More

NEC T1/PRI Interface Card
Model # 1100024

T1/PRI interface card. Manufacturer's Model # IP4NA-1PRIU-C1...Read More

NEC Leather Case for ML440 Handset
Model # 730661

Leather case for ML440 handset. Manufacturer's Model # ML440 LEATHER CASE Read More

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NEC SL1100 Digital 12-Button Telephone
Model # 1100060

Digital 12-button telephone....Read More

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NEC Analog Door Chime Box for DSX, Aspire, UX-5000 and DS-1000 Systems
Model # 922450

The analog door box is a self-contained intercom unit typically used to monitor an entrance door. A visitor at the door can press the door box call button (like a door bell). The door box then sends chim...Read More

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NEC 4-Port CO Trunk Daughter Board
Model # 1100022

4-Port CO Trunk Daughter Board. Manufacturer's Model # IP4WW-4COIDB-B1...Read More

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NEC SL1100 Digital 24-Button Telephone
Model # 1100062

Digital 24-button. Manufacturer's Model # IP4WW-24TXH-B-TEL....Read More

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NEC SL1100 60-Button DSS Console
Model # 1100064

SL1100 60-button DSS console. Manufacturer's Model # IP4WW-60D DSS-B CONSOLE...Read More

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NEC Cordless DECT Telephone Repeater
Model # 730649

Cordless DECT Telephone Repeater is used to extend the range of the Cordless DECT telephone....Read More

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NEC 8-Port Analog Station Card
Model # 1100021

8-Port analog station card. Manufacturers Model # IP4WW-008E-B1...Read More

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NEC 16-Channel VoIP Daughter Board
Model # 1100111

16-Channel VoIP Daughter Board. Manufacturer's Model # IP4WW-VOIPDB-C1...Read More

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NEC SL1100 Main KSU
Model # 1100010

SL1100 Main KSU (0 x 8 x 4). Manufacturer's Model # IP4NA-1228M-B KSU...Read More

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NEC InMail CompactFlash – Small
Model # 1100112

InMail CompactFlash – Small. Manufacturer's Model # IP4WW-CFVMS-C1....Read More

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