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Commscope Module Removal Tool Kit
Model # 760122713

Module Removal Tool Kit Read More

Usually ships in 10 days
Commscope Tool Kit for Anaerobic EZ LC / SC / ST BTW Connectors
Model # 1032H

Anaerobic Tool Kit is intended for connection of buffered fiber with LC, SC and ST multimode or single-mode connectors using the anaerobic (EZ) method. The kit does not contain the crimp tool for cordag...Read More

Usually ships in 10 days
Corning Multimode Loss Testing Kit
Model # LTK-400MD

The Corning Cable Systems Loss Test Kit (LTK) offers a complete, cost-effective solution for link-loss testing of multimode and multimode/single-mode systems. Each LTK includes an optical source with on...Read More

Corning OTS-611MD Test Kit with Video Inspection Probe
Model # OTS-611MD-P

OTS-611MD Kit with Video Inspection Probe (VIP)....Read More

Corning Multimode OLTS Test Kit
Model # OTS-611MD

Multimode OLTS Test Kit for bidirectional testing....Read More

Fluke Electronics Three-Phase Power Recorder
Model # FLUKE-1750

Capture every measurement, every event, on every cycle, all the time with the Fluke 1750 Power Recorder. Unprecedented accuracy and resolution provide complete visibility into your distribution system....Read More

Fluke Electronics Ti100 General Use Thermal Imager (9 Hz)
Model # TI100

The Ti100 Thermal Imager is the lightest, most rugged and easiest-to-use professional thermal imager. Perform infrared inspections faster and more efficiently with the Ti100 Thermal Imager....Read More

Fluke Electronics VR1710 Single Phase Voltage Quality Recorder
Model # VR1710

The Fluke VR1710 is a single-phase, plug-in voltage quality recorder. Used for detecting and recording voltage quality problems, it allows for immediate action and less downtime. Voltage quality parameter...Read More

Fluke Electronics Fixed Focus Thermal Imager with 9Hz/80x60 Resolution
Model # TIS10

The TiS10 Infrared Camera is built for performance with features that help you easily and quickly identify problems before they become expensive failures. Improved resolution that delivers the right imag...Read More

Fluke Networks Serial RS-232 Cable
Model # DTX-SER

Serial RS-232 Cable (DB-9 to IEEE1394). Read More

Usually ships in 2 weeks
Ideal Optical RS-232 Cable
Model # 61-902

Optical RS-232 cable. For use with 490 and 630 Series ProVision Meters. Read More

Usually ships in 3 days
Fluke Networks TS52 Lock / Unlock Belt Clip
Model # P4080248

TS52 Lock / Unlock Belt Clip. Read More

Usually ships in 6 weeks
Fluke Networks AC Adapter for DPS Cable Tester
Model # 106200

AC Adapter DPS and network testing equipment. Read More

Usually ships in 3 weeks
Hobbes USA Infrared Fiber Meter Pro
Model # 257135

The Infrared Fiber Tester Pro is primarily used for checking the signal output power of the optical communication equipment in fiber optic networks. It measures the average power of a continuous ligh...Read More

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Panduit® Clean Kit For Opti-Crimp Kit

Clean Kit For Opti-Crimp Kit for termination of all PANDUIT Opti-Crimp Pre-Polished Crimp Connectors....Read More

Usually ships in 5 days
Corning 2GB Memory Stick
Model # 1000-MEMORY-2G

OV-1000 Memory Stick for 2 GB of USB Storage (Windows CE compatible). Read More

Usually ships in 3 weeks
Corning 1000BaseSX (850 nm) Optical SFP Transceiver Module with LC connectors for gigabit testing module (VCSEL source)
Model # 1000-SFP-850

By providing the ability to configure different Ethernet and IP QoS parameters such as VLAN ID (802.1Q), VLAN priority (802.1p), VLAN stacking (802.1ad Q-in-Q), ToS and DSCP on multiple streams, th...Read More

Usually ships in 3 weeks
Fluke Networks DTX Channel Adapter
Model # DTX-CHA

Cat 6/Class E Channel Adapter. Read More

Usually ships in 2 weeks
Fluke Networks Carrying Case for DTX Series Fiber Test Modules

Carrying case to hold two sets of DTX Series fiber test modules. The case also provides pockets to conveniently store several sets of test reference cords and room to store the fiber optic adapters fo...Read More

Usually ships in 2 weeks
Fluke Networks NiMH Battery For DSP 4000 Series
Model # BP7235

This is a NiMH battery for DSP 4000 series. Read More

Usually ships in 2 weeks