Nortel i2002 IP Phone with Power Supply (Refurbished)
Model # NTDU91

The Nortel IP Phone 2002 is a multi-line, intermediate-level, standards-based IP Phone within the IP Phone 2000 Series portfolio and supports moderate call traffic environments....Read More

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Nortel T7208 Speakerphone with Display
Model # NT8B26AA

The T7208 is well suited for lower internal and higher external calling volumes; it supports up to any combination of eight lines and frequently-used features....Read More

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Nortel T7100 Phone Set with Display
Model # NT8B25AA

Nortel T7100 Business Series Terminal.This telephone is simply designed for low-traffic areas such as lobbies, office kitchens, reception rooms and break rooms....Read More

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(Formerly known as i2004 Internet Telephone)
Nortel IP Phone 2004 with Power Supply (Formerly known as i2004 Internet Telephone)
Model # I2004

IP Phone 2004 is a professional-level desktop VOIP Phone which is ideally suited for managers, knowledge workers and administrative staff. IP Phone 2004 supports up to twelve user-defined line / programmabl...Read More

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Nortel IP Audio Conference Phone 2033
Model # NTEX11AA70

The IP Audio Conference Phone 2033 is a full duplex, handsfree conference phone for the desktop, offering 360 degree room coverage with support of Nortel IP telephony features. It meets the IEEE 1329 standar...Read More

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Nortel M7208 Speakerphone with Display (Refurbished)
Model # NT8B30AB

The M7208 is well-suited for areas with shared telephones, like manufacturing plants, retail departments, or repair centers. The M7208 provides up to 6 lines and has 8 programmable buttons and a 1-lin...Read More

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Nortel M7100 Single Line Phone (Refurbished)
Model # NT8B14AB

This single line telephone delivers dependable functionality to users or areas with low usage requirements, like lobbies and breakrooms. It provides one programmable memory button and a feature button...Read More

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Nortel 1100 (GEM) Expansion Module without Power Supply (Refurbished)
Model # NTYS08AAE6

Expansion Module for IP phone 1100 without power supply. Compatible with Power Supply Read More


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Nortel AC Cord NA 1.8M 10AMP IEC320-C13 ROHS
Model # NTYS14AAE6

AC Cord NA 1.8M 10AMP IEC320-C13 ROHS. Read More

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Nortel M7310 Fully Featured Speakerphone with Display (Refurbished)
Model # NT8B20AB

This Nortel M7310 fully-featured telephone is designed for users with more extensive calling and call handling requirements. Ideal for users who often call the same customers, suppliers, or accounts.Th...Read More


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Nortel Norstar M7324 Expanded Speakerphone with Display (Refurbished)
Model # NT8B40AB

This product is an expandable, feature-rich telephone supporting heavy call volumes. It is ideal for administrative assistants, receptionists, and other centralized call answering personnel. By attachin...Read More


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Nortel Central Answering Position (CAP) For M7324 (Refurbished)
Model # NT8B41F

Central Answering Position (CAP) For M7324....Read More

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System Base Only
Nortel T7406 - 900MHz DSS Cordless System Phone Base
Model # T7406-BASE

This wallbase unit can support up to a total of 3 handsets, one digital station port is required for each registered handset on the base. The range of the cordless telephone is up to 300 ft. It uses digita...Read More

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Nortel BCM T7406 Belt Clip
Model # NTAB9683

Nortel BCM T7406 Belt Clip Read More

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Nortel IP Phone 1110
Model # NTYS02BAE6

The Nortel IP Phone 1110 is a single-line, standard-level desktop IP Phone, which encompasses the sleek, cutting-edge ergonomic design of the IP Phone 1100 Series. IP Phone 1110 integrates a pixel-based...Read More

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Four Line Phone!!!
Nortel 1120E Four Line IP Phone
Model # NTYS03BC

The Nortel IP Phone 1120E is a Multi-Line (Four Lines), intermediate-level desktop phone encompassing a sleek, cutting-edge ergonomic design. IP Phone 1120E delivers an innovative array of features includin...Read More

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Multi-Line Professional-Level
Nortel IP Phone 1140E (Multi-line Professional-Level)
Model # NTYS05

Nortel IP Phone 1140E delivers an innovative array of features including a high-resolution, fully-backlit, pixel-based graphical monochrome greyscale display, support for data and web-based application...Read More


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Nortel i2007 Desktop IP Phone
Model # NTDU96AB70

IP Phone i2007 incorporates a color touch-screen, bringing multimedia presentation support to the desktop IP Phone. Virtual Network Computing technology optimizes content pushed from external applicatio...Read More

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Nortel Power Supply for Nortel 1120E IP Phone
Model # NTYS17AE

Power Supply for Nortel 1120E IP Phone. Read More

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Nortel T24 Expansion Module, Platinum
Model # NT8B29AAAB

T24KIM is an 24 button add-on module for either line or extension....Read More

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