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Walker - Clarity Inline Handset Amplifier
Model # W10

Installs between the existing telephone base and the current handset. Improves listening volume up to 20dB for clearer reception....Read More

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Clarity Outgoing Speech Amplifier Handset
Model # WS-2749

The WS-2749 Handset amplifies outgoing sounds up to 26 dB and is compatible with many of Clarity's most popular corded phones. The WS-4729 handset is an ideal solution for those with low speech volum...Read More

Clarity HA-40 Portable Telephone Handset Amplifier
Model # AME-01933

The Ameriphone HA40 Portable Telephone Handset Amplifier featuring Clarity Power technology makes telephone conversations not only louder, but also clearer and easier to understand....Read More


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