Will Partner Messaging R7 be backward compatible?

Partner Messaging R7 will be backward compatible to the following releases:

  • Partner ACS - all releases
  • Partner Endeavor - all releases
  • Partner II - R3 and later
  • Partner Plus R3.1 and later

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Is there software that can upgrade a Partner Messaging R1 to R7?

Yes. Using the Messaging R7 Software Upgrade Kit - A one-time PCMCIA card software upgrade kit to bring any PARTNER Messaging R1 or R6 to the latest Messaging R7. Includes a CD-Rom with all the speech files to support the Messaging R7 enhancements.

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When upgrading from Partner Plus / Partner II, can all the expansion modules be used on an ACS?

All expansion modules from previous releases of Partner, Partner Plus, Partner II, and Partner Endeavor are migratable on the ACS as follows:

  • 200E - All Releases
  • 206E - All Releases
  • 206EC - All Releases
  • 400E - All Releases
  • 400EC - All Releases
  • 308EC - Release 2.0 and later
  • 1600DSL - Release 4.0 and later
  • 012E - Release 5.0 and later
  • 362EC - ACS Release 5.0 and later, Partner Endeavor
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Will Caller ID display information show up on the telephone sets connected to a non EC module?

If the call is received to an EC module the caller ID information is captured by the ACS system and shared on any and all display telephones, regardless if the set is connected to an E or EC module.

Caller ID is never displayed on an analog / single line display telephone. Since Caller ID information is transmitted on the data pair of wires, not on the talk pair.

Will Caller ID information show up on the telephone lines connected via the T-1 module?

No. Caller ID via T-1 requires a PRI service.

Partner ACS R7 Control Unit

Can you Mix/Match TransTalk 9040's and TransTalk 9031's via the sync cord?

No. TransTalk 9040's only sync to each other via a modular cord connected to the sync jack, located on the bottom of each dual radio module.

TransTalk 9031's sync to each other via a sync jack and a cord built into the Carrier Assembly units

Because TT9040's share completely different chipsets, you are unable to combine 9040's and 9031's in the same environment.

When replacing an ACS R# processor with the latest release, can you restore translations using the PCMCIA card?

When you do software upgrade from one release to another, the translations are saved and migrated over automatically when upgrading up to R6. R7 requires a processor change.

When you replace an older ACS processor with a newer release, you cannot restore the translations from the PCMCIA card, they are not recognized

Partner ACS R7 Control Unit

How does a user transfer caller to a Guest Mailbox on a Partner messaging R1 when the user number is higher than 57?

When a call is answered by the auto attendant, and a caller requests to transfer to a mailbox, Partner Messaging system knows what mailbox numbers exist and transfer accordingly.

However, the Partner ACS doesn't know that there can be mailbox numbers above the ACS's logical extension numbers (10-57) and will err. out if a user tries to transfer a call to an extension above x57.

The customer needs to create a mailbox, within the logical range of the ACS, and assign it as an Auto Attendant Mailbox. You can transfer the caller extension number, which routes back in to the Auto Attendant, allowing the caller to reach any mailbox within the Partner Messaging System.

Can I have RCF activated on a Partner ACS station that does not have a physical phone attacthed to it?

Yes. First via system administration, you assign RCF privileges to a station.

Via Centralized Telephone Programming, you assign a personal speed dial numbers to the extension. These are autorized RCF numbers that this extension can use.

From ext. 10, you dial FEATURE 11, 22, XX to activate the RCF function (XX= personal speed dial number).

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I'm upgrading a Merlin Plus to a Partner ACS R5. Can I reuse their existing BIS telephones?

No. Merlin BIS telephones are not compatible with Partner ACS.

Spirit telephones are not compatible with the Partner ACS.

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