The AI-900 provides a complete communication network throughout a facility or campus, and can be easily integrated with access control and video surveillance systems. In today's world of heightened security, and with a variety of application needs, a system needs to be flexible and versatile. Simple programming of the Al-900 allows each system to be custom-configured to meet the specific needs of almost any commercial or institutional application. Whether the person on duty is in a security office or is making rounds, a call from a remote area never has to go unanswered. The Al-900 is a sophisticated yet simple system that meets the demands of today's corporate and institutional facilities.

Al-900 Total Solution System Applications:

Aiphone's AI-900 Integrated Security Intercommunication System is a voice communication system that allows calls to be made quickly and easily—even in emergency situations—with the touch of a button. The Al-900 system's ability to integrate with other systems makes it ideal for security applications.

School / Institutional
    Door entry and perimeter control
    Classroom-to-office communication
    Staff-to-staff communication
    Elevator communication
    Zone paging
Office / Building Communications
    Door entry and perimeter control
    CCTV control
    Scan monitoring of secure areas
    Elevator communications
    Areas of rescue assistance
    Office-to-office communications
    Zone paging
    Emergency calling
    Scan monitoring
    Areas of evacuation or rescue
    Perimeter access control
    CCTV control
    Perimeter and door access control
    CCTV control
    Staff-to-inmate communication
    Scan monitoring of secure areas
    Zone paging


  • Station Capacity
      Single Exchange:
      4 Master Stations
      64 Substations

  • Up to 16 Exchanges:
      64 Master Stations
      1024 Substations

  • System Integration
      Remote control and monitoring via RS-232 communication protocol

  • Remote System Management
      PC programming and monitoring software Program and maintain multiple exchanges off-site from PC

  • Audio Recording
      Recording capability from the master or telephone through the audio recording output

  • Data Logging
      The operating log of all control functions can be stored on PC for future reference

  • Master Station
      Flexibility Aiphone master station with alphanumeric display and clock line communication

  • Paging Interface
      For external amplifier zone distribution with 16 control ports

  • External Audio
      Input For station and external amplifier zone distribution with four trigger inputs


  • Telephone
      Direct-in dial
      Outside line access
      Manual forwarding
      Off-site forwarding
  • Call Forwarding Manual Remote (Call Capture)
      No answer
      Off-site telephone
  • Paging
      Zone (19)
      All-zone paging
      Public Address (16)
  • Scan Monitor
  • Master Station Grouping (16)
  • Emergency Conference
  • Auto-Dial and Redial
  • Call Transfer/Hold
  • Priority (Emergency/Normal)
  • Automatic Time-out
  • Call Queuing
  • Selective Response

System Components

ImageModel No.Name
AI-900MFAI-900MFMain Frame
AI-RS160AI-RS160Flush Mount Indoor Vandal-Resistant Sub
AI-RS180AI-RS180Flush Mount Outdoor Emergency Sub Station
AI-900AFAI-900AFAudio Function Card
AI-900COAI-900COTelephone Line Interface Card
AI-900RSAI-900RSSub Station Interface Card
AI-900DIAI-900DIDirect Select Master Station Interface Card
AI-PU200AI-PU200Power Transformer Unit
AI-HS100AI-HS100Handset Sub Station
AI-PN100BAI-PN100BRack Mount Panel

ImageModel No.Name
AI-MS900AI-MS900Master Station with LCD Display
AI-RS170AI-RS170Flush Mount Outdoor Vandal-Resistant Sub
AI-NVP-RAAI-NVP-RAVandal Proof Sub Station for AI-900 System
AI-900ALAI-900ALTelephone Master Station Card
AI-900MSAI-900MSMaster Station Interface Card
AI-900TIAI-900TIMain Frame Interface Card
AI-910DIAI-910DIDirect Select Input/Output Relay Board Card
AI-CP170AI-CP170Speaker/Call Button Interface Board
AI-YC303AI-YC303Main Frame Mounting Bracket
Aiphone Watt Paging AmplifierT3115BGM(15W)
Paging Amplifiers