aiphone, AT-406, wall phone, handset intercom The AT-406 Handset Intercom is designed for indoor wall-mounted use and it is suitable for restaurants, security cars, boats, houses or offices. The AT-406 Handset Intercom set allows 2-way calling and communication between a master station (AT-206) and 1, 2 or 3 sub stations (AT-306). It is powered by 4 pcs of 1,5 V AA batteries or a separate 6V DC power supply (model RC-216ST). As an option, the AT system can activate an external device (buzzer or bell) through the TAR-3 audio or visual call relay. The AT-406 has a master intercom handset with (1) sub station handset, a press CALL button to ring sub station and a pick up phone (Sub station rings master station only). Up to 2300' when using 22 gauge wire distance between master intercom and sub station ; 5400' when using 18 gauge wire. The AT-406 is offered in white (AT-406) and dark gray color (AT-406 B/A).

System Components:
  • AT-406: Boxed set (AT-206 & one AT-306)
  • AT-406P: Display pack (AT-206 & one AT-306)
  • AT-306: Add-on sub master station
  • Power supply: PS-6D or batteries

Wiring Diagram:

aiphone, AT-406, wall phone, handset intercom

Power Source6V DC, 150mA. Use SKK-620 or 4 "AA" batteries.
CommunicationPress "CALL" button to ring other station(s). Common talk system.
Wiring2 wires, non-polarized. (Use Aiphone #822202.)
Distance2300' with 22AWG (2-station set).
5400' with 18AWG (2-station set).
1300' with 22AWG (master to farthest of 3 subs).
3100' with 18AWG (master to farthest of 3 subs).