If you are looking for the perfect communication and security system for your hospital establishment, then Aiphone solution is what you are looking for.

Aiphone: Your Healthcare Facility Partner

In fast technology driven hospital facilities, protecting the lives of the patients is more than just a responsibility, it is a must. In terms of internal hospital communications and security equipments, much has changed with the advent of new technological advancements that have greatly bloomed over the past years. One of which is evident is on how Aiphone comprehensively provides the perfect patient care system with a blend of reliability, compatibility, and flexibility.

It is essential to secure our health care facilities these days. We all want to feel secured and protected when we are within the premises of our hospitals. Aiphone’s complex applications offer more than just internal communications within hospitals, it offers safety and security.

Connecting Lives

Aiphone gives patients the power to have access to the nurses and doctors in an instant, may it be an emergency or a non-emergency case. This call system comes in simple bedside call buttons to complex monitoring systems. Imagine the convenience and security that this system offers. Aiphone makes sure the patients can communicate with the nurses without the need to get out of their own rooms.

Not only is Aiphone used for communicating patients and nurses, it is also an important tool to connect nurses to the doctors. Aiphone understands that nurses and doctors are very busy people and that communicating with these professionals is a very important part of every medical establishment. It can greatly help manage time while saving energy and the efforts of staff members.

Monitoring Strictly Prohibited Areas

Areas that need strict monitoring, especially sterile areas including delivery rooms, nursery rooms, operating rooms and intensive units, require the ideal system that can prevent unauthorized entries. Aiphone is the perfect choice for this since it enables the staff to identify persons that are coming into these areas. All they need to do is to press a button to open the entrance and allow the person to come in. This system greatly improves the area’s security with a touch of convenience.

Securing Outside Areas

Aiphone can also be installed in areas other than the nurse's stations, doctor's quarters, and patient's rooms. It can be applicable to places like the stairwells, parking lots, and lobbies. It can also offer instant communication in times of emergencies or whenever a need arises. In addition, it allows the staff to see and hear what is going on in these areas.

Aiphone is the future of convenience, safety, and security. Most hospitals are using these products to better manage the place. With many satisfied establishments, Aiphone’s usage and popularity is rapidly growing across the globe. Because human security is never enough, we need a high level security system that is reliable and can be applied in most cases. Aiphone is the answer to all of these. It is more than just a communication system, it is a touch of security and brilliance. So when considering the highest quality safety need of your hospital establishment, Aiphone fits just right for the job.

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