For all your intercom system needs, Aiphone is the best value on the market. has Aiphone! There is an Aiphone system for your every need at a price you can afford.

How about a complete system for your front door? The Aiphone version of the old fashioned doorbell has both chimes and voice capabilities! The CCS-1A Chime Com2 Door Entry compact unit takes up no more room than a light switch plate and delivers clear audio to the user.

The Aiphone Tenant Station is another excellent product. It offers great features such as a large Push-To-Talk button, door release button, 4” black and white monitor, security guard call button, volume control, and you can use up to 500 stations in one system.

The Aiphone Video Door Station with Stand Alone Prox Reader Flush Mount has some impressive features including an inexpensive, reliable and easily managed, stand alone proximity card reader (with embedded host controller), stainless steel faceplate with a clear Lexan protective cover, 5,000 card storage, speaker, mic and CCD camera. This is a great system with everything you want.

The Aiphone Handset to Handset Intercom Kit might be just what you’re looking for. This two way hand held system has an external signaling device (Aiphone Relay for Doorbell), is powered by four AA batteries or by DC 6V Power Supply, allows up to three sub station additions(Aiphone Additional Handset), and for limousine use, it also has a 4’ coiled cord and comes in charcoal gray.

Aiphone Door Sentry is a great security measure for your home or business. It has a fixed camera (Video Door Station), an inside monitoring station (Master Monitor), and its own 18V DC Power Supply. You can add an Audio Only Sub Station or a Door Sentry Video Sub-Monitor complete with infrared illumination and a wide angle CCD camera. Among the Aiphone Door Sentry’s many features is simplicity (you can use the two-wire hook up and replace your old door bell), the system turns on automatically when the door chimes. Extra features are easy to add.

The Aiphone Ten Call Master Station for High Power Intercom has lots of impressive features! With available special master units, you can increase the capacity to fifty stations! It has a built-in power supply, 8 ohm horn speaker, 10 watt output, and is hands-free from remote areas.

How about the Aiphone Master Station? It needs a special Aiphone wire and has many features that make it a terrific buy. For example, it has both All Call and Selective Calling between inside stations. With Aiphone's Picture Memory Unit, you can record video images. Also, the audio and video monitoring are hands-free and the camera angle can be adjusted for better views. In addition, the Aiphone Master Station has one main room station and four sub-room stations for a total of five, if you need them.

For all your intercom system needs, Aiphone is the best value on the market. Check out all these fine products at The wide selection and added features can’t be beat!

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