If you want the best communication and security system in your work place, this one is your ideal choice.

Aiphone System for your Commercial Security Needs

Safety and security is the offspring of the century’s technological advancements. In commercial applications, there is always a need to design a functional and efficient security system. Aiphone System offers not only this security comfort but also values the importance of effective communication.

Aiphone provides commercial security with its extensive range of products that are first class in technological excellence, design simplicity, and system reliability. It has over 30 different systems that are intended to generate just the perfect communication applications for commercial use. Aiphone System features intercoms with door release, complex video entry security, and stylish microprocessor-based systems.

Daily office communications

Most of the communication processes in offices are internal. Aiphone System provides security intercoms for businesses to allow ideal direct communication to the employees. It also gives you the ability to instantly keep in touch with the people throughout the entire department by just pressing a button. With Aiphone’s open voice or handset features, you can experience reliable, quick, and convenient communication.

High security level

Aiphone offers a versatile security intercom system that enables you to take control and access to entrances, loading docks, interior offices, and any areas outside or within a facility.

Aiphone features a user-friendly system that gives you the advantage of safety by enabling you to confirm the identity of people before finally granting access at the entrance. You can also regulate the entrances by using a keyless entry with card reader door stations.

Open voice intercom systems that are powered by Aiphone can be applied in elevators, which allow the passengers to communicate with a security control center in cases of emergency.

Monitor outside activities

One of the most important aspects in a busy industry is providing security and safety to the employees and the business firm. Demanding businesses like loading docks, shipping bays, and delivery areas need imperative security. Aiphone provides a video and voice monitoring feature that enables you to monitor outside activities. This offers safety to the employees within the workplace.

Enhanced parking security system

It is necessary to have a superior security system in your parking structure. Aiphone security intercom systems lessen possibility of danger by giving you the ability to see and hear what is taking place in the parking area and access points. They can be installed in gated entrances that allows visitors to speak with an attendant for safety reasons or just in cases wherein they need some help.

With the tons of available Aiphone series, you won’t have to worry so much for there are a lot to choose from. Available series are AP, AT, DA, GF, IE, KB, KC, KCS, LAF, LEF, LEM, MC, MK, MY, NDR, NEM, RCX and TD-Z.

Imagine all the convenience and security that Aiphone systems can offer. Aiphone products are used in most companies for industrial reliability. It is best for businesses and is the perfect choice for access control security systems. Because safety and security cannot be guaranteed all the time, it is just best to be equipped with the proper technology.

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