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The Aleen VME 4000 is a Voice Mail and Automated Attendant System with 2 ports and 10 hours of storage (upgradeable to 4 ports). It is a multilingual, cost effective and feature-rich solution for small businesses. This is an easy-to-use plug-and-play device with all the compatibilities of the larger voice mail systems.

The solid-state Aleen voice mail system incorporates leading edge technology, including flash memory and digital signal processing (DSP). It can be mounted effortlessly.

The system is programmed via a touch-tone phone or a user-friendly Windows-based Voice Mail Utility Program (VUP). Integration can be accomplished through analog ports and the use of In-Band DTMF protocol or through an RS-232 (SMDI) serial port for systems with serial integration.

Formerly known as Amanda@SOHO-Mini the Aleen is built to provide voice mail on smaller systems at an affordable price.



  • System comes with 2 ports and 10 hours of voice storage.
  • Adding a two port expansion card to the motherboard provides 4 ports.
The system is Programmable via...
  • Touch-tone telephone using DTMF.
  • Computer using the Voice Mail Utility Program, which is a Windows-based program. The installer can save a file containing the parameters set for each installation.
Integration with your PBX
  • In band DTMF integration using DTMF tones.
Message Notification
  • Message waiting lights.
  • Pagers.
  • Cellular telephones.
Operating Modes
  • Day mode - During normal business hours, the Aleen answers calls with a pre-recorded daytime greeting. The daytime greeting enables the caller to reach a requested extension, mailbox, department, directory or to change to another language.
  • Night mode - During non-working hours, the Aleen answers calls with a special greeting that enables the caller to leave a message in a specific mailbox.
  • Holiday mode - During holidays, the Aleen answers calls with a special greeting that enables the caller to leave a message in a specific mailbox or in the operator's mailbox.
  • Break mode - The system administrator can program part of the day mode as break time. During the time the Aleen answers calls with a special greeting that enables the caller to leave a message in a specific mailbox or in the operator's mailbox.
System Schedules (Auto-Mode)
  • If your organization has operating hours that vary from day to day, the system administrator can define the daily operating schedules on a weekly basis, including daytime, nighttime, and breaktime hours. When the auto mode is activated , the Aleen automatically switches between the day, night, and break modes according to your pre-defined schedules.
Fax Detection
  • If the Aleen detects a fax tone (CNG) during the opening greeting, it automatically transfers the call to the pre-defined fax extension. This feature is great to use so you don't need to pay for a dedicated fax line.
Directory Listing
  • The Aleen can provide a list of mailbox owners names. The directory listing enables call transfer to all extensions configured within the list. A caller can access the directory listing by following instructions during the opening greeting.
Call Transfer
  • Non Supervised - The Aleen transfers the call immediately without verifying the status of the extension.
  • Supervised - The Aleen checks for a busy or answer signal before transfering the call to the extension.
  • Semi Supervised - The Aleen only checks for a busy signal before transfering the call to the extension.
  • The Aleen can operate in three languages (American English, Spanish & French). The system administrator can configure each mailbox to operate in one of three languages.
Answering on the First Ring
  • To avoid delays, the system administrator can set up the Aleen on each individual port to answer on the first ring.

Voice Mail Features

Real/Virtual Mailboxes

  • The Aleen supports up to 128 real and virtual mailboxes. A real mailbox is associated with a telephone extension. A Virtual mailbox is not associated with a telephone.
Personalized Mailboxes
  • Each mailbox owner can personalize his or her mailbox by recording a personal greeting, assigning a personal password to the mailbox and setting optional parameters.
Personal Greeting
  • Each mailbox owner can record or change his or her personal greeting at any time from any touch-tone telephone.
Day and Time Setup
  • The system administrator can program the Aleen to indicate at the start of each message the day and time the message was recorded.
Message Deletion
  • A mailbox owner can manually delete messages or the system administrator can program the Aleen to automatically delete all messages after a specific number of days.
Message Forwarding
  • A mailbox owner can forward a copy of a message to another mailbox or mailbox group.
Message Reply
  • A mailbox owner can directly reply to a message, and record a message to the sender's mailbox.
Mailbox Groups
  • A caller can send a message to all the members of a mailbox group at one time. All defined mailboxes belong to the all groups mailbox group.
Do Not Disturb Mode
  • The mailbox owner can set his mailbox to Disturb or Do Not Disturb mode.
Individual Language Selection
  • The mailbox owner or caller can select one of the languages supported by the Aleen. When the mailbox owner or caller enters the mailbox, the Aleen automatically switches to the selected language.
Adjustable Recording Length
  • The system administrator can select the length of all recorded messages in the Aleen. The selected length will effect the following types of messages: scripts, greetings, names and incoming messages.
Automatic Gain Control
  • When this feature is enabled the Aleen automatically adjusts the line volume so incoming messages will be recorded at the same level.