Operational Description
The Auto Dialer is equipped with at touch tone dial pad for Customer Option slections and programming of the unit if changes are required. The programmed default is set with no number and able to dial out. Programming is necessary.

allen tel, AllenTel, Allen Tel Dialer, Allen Tel Auto Dialer This manual works with the following phones:

  • GB90VS
  • GB59VS
  • GB59VS-LH
  • GB70VSXX
  • GB70VSLH
  • GB2512VS
  • GB306VS
  • GB2554VS44
  • GB522VS
  • GB523VS
  • GB524VS
  • Programming
    Programming is intialized by depressing the "*" key prior to picking up the handset. The "*" key should not be released until after the handset is at the ear. After releasing, depress the "#" Key on the keypad; the phone will respond with a beep. Continue by depressing the key corresponing to the feature requested in the list below, the phone will respond with two beeps. Three beeps will sound after completion.

    #1 Default- all programmed information reverts back to factory settings.

    #2 "Line Access"- in case line access is required for any reason this sequence will allow line access.

    #3 "Call Progress/Timeout"- enter "00" for call progress or "XX" - 00 to 99 for timeout to replace Call Progress. Call Progress is dial tone/ringback information given by the PBX/CO to indicate the status of the call. The same function is used for the CO and behind a PBX. Default is "10" or 1000 ms delay.

    #8 "Length of DTMF duration"- enter a number between 04 and 99. Vaules below 10 should be preceded by "0". The duration = # times 12 ms. Default is "07" or 84 ms. per digit dialed.

    #9 "Command String"- The command string is a number to dial and option choices. After pressing # -9-, the 'command string' can be up to 64 entries in length. The number can be verified by the line ringing at the other end (party pickup). Hang-up the receiver, wait 1 second or longer, pick up the handset and verify the party has been called. To enter the same string for PBX using '9' as out dial, enter the string -'9#18005551212'. '#' is the wait function. Enter '#-XX' where 'XX' is the wait time in seconds. ie. 9#015551212 would dial '9' and wait one second then continue dialing 5551212 for dial tone behind a PBX. Default number is empty and dialing is possible.


    Single Line Telephone w/Automatic Dialer
    (Model # GB90VS)

    Single Line Telephone w/Automatic Dialer/S.S. Hasp
    (Model # GB59VS)

    Single Line Telephone w/Automatic Dialer - No Housing
    (Model # GB59VS-LH)

    Single Line Telephone w/Automatic Dialer - ADA Compliant
    (Model # GB70VSXX)

    Single Line Telephone w/Automatic Dialer/No Housing - ADA Compliant
    (Model # GB70VSLH)

    Courtesy Telephone w/ Automatic Dialer
    (Model # GB2512VS)

    Vandal Resistant Telephone w/Single Number Dialer
    (Model # GB306VS)

    Elevator Telephone w/Auto Dial E
    (Model # GB522VS)

    Elevator/Emergency Telephone w/Auto Dial
    (Model # GB523VS)

    Elevator Telephone Package w/Auto Dial
    (Model # GB524VS)