This plug-and-play system is pre-configured to work directly with widely used telephone switches including AT&T, Avaya, Comdial, Intertel, Iwatsu, Lucent, Panasonic, Samsung, Toshiba and Vodavi. The SOHO Flash system is programmed and maintained through the Telephone User Interface (TUI). It has both a built-in modem and console (null modem) port for troubleshooting and modifying system/mailbox configuration. The SOHO Flash can be easily customized to operate with almost any telephone system that supports analog voicemail integration.

Amanda SOHO Flash provides turnkey messaging for small businesses requiring the following:

  • Voice Mail
  • Automated Attendant
  • Automatic Message Notification
  • Simple Operation and Administration

Amanda SOHO Flash delivers the power of computing telephony at a phenomenal price/performance point. This 4-port system with 17 hours of voice storage capacity has:

  • The Amanda Company SOHO Software
  • 1,000 mailboxes, each with:
    • 128 message capacity per mailbox
    • 3 custom greetings
    • 3 personal mailbox lists
    • 3 message notification options


  • Built-In Modem: The SOHO Flash features a built in modem for remote access. To invoke the modem dial #*# on any of the voicemail ports. Once connected, user can view system activity, see on-screen tracing, customize system files, and even download/upload files.

  • Null Modem Access: This system can be accessed via null modem. Once connected, user can view system activity, see on-screen tracing, customize system files, and even download/upload files.

  • Extension Field Values for Mailboxes can be changed via Telephone: The extension field of a mailbox can now be changed via Telephone User Interface (TUI). Mailboxes can be configured to transfer to external telephone numbers using a limited number of tokens within the extension field (as long as the telephone system supports external call transfers).

  • Directory (411): Caller has the option to enter the first few letters of the first or last name of the person they’re calling, and press * to be transferred to that person or # to search for another match for their entry.

  • Continuous Play: While logged into mailbox user can press 78 to hear all messages one after the other.

  • Continuous Delete: While logged into mailbox user can press 76 to delete all messages.

  • Quick Greeting Bypass: While listening to a greeting, user can press the # key once to bypass the greeting.

  • Automated Attendant: Functions as a main, backup or off-duty attendant. Extensions can be dialed directly or caller may use an employee directory to locate individuals by first or last name. Simple, single-digit selections can be configured for easy and quick access to main departments.

  • Direct Message: Provides the caller with a way to leave a message for a user without having to ring their extension.

  • Private Message: A message can be marked private, which makes the message unable to be forwarded to other persons.

  • Transfer: After leaving a message, caller has the option to dial another extension or department, or to reach the receptionist/supervisor.

  • Audio-text: Configurable “information-only” mailboxes accommodate caller access to any pre-recorded information. Provides 24-hour access to frequently asked questions ranging from hours of operation, address and directions to promotional materials or product-specific information.

  • Data/Time Stamp: Every message gives date and time the message was recorded.

  • Message Forwarding: After hearing a message user can forward a copy of the message to another user. A message prefix can be attached to the forwarded message.

  • Message Future Delivery: After a message has been recorded, Amanda can be told when to deliver that message.

  • Mailbox Lists: Each user can build 3 private mailbox lists to allow the sender to easily broadcast a message to multiple users.

  • Message Notification: Users can be notified when they receive new messages via MWI, pager, outside number (such as a cell phone) or internal extension.

  • Multiple-User Greetings: Each user can record three different greetings. These personal greetings can be changed or scheduled automatically by time of day and weekday or weekend.

  • Fax Tone Detection: The system can detect and route a fax transmission to a designated fax extension.

  • Easily Wall-Mountable

Dimensions 11.5” x 6.75” x 1.5”
Weight 1.75 Lbs. Power Supply - 120V AC Input, 9V AC Output Lamp
Processor AMD Elan SC520
Memory 4MB
Flash Memory Card 256Mb