Amphenol connectors are a great product to be used electronic hardware.

The Amphenol Corporation is one of the biggest producers of fiber optic and electronic connectors, as well as cable and interconnect systems. Entrepreneur Arthur Schmitt first introduced Amphenol products in 1932. The first Amphenol product was a tube socket for radio tubes. During WWII, the Amphenol Corporation took off. Amphenol connectors were used in military hardware, such as radios and planes. Today, the Amphenol Corporation is one of the biggest for electronic connectors.

In 2005, the Teradyne Connection Systems combined with the Amphenol Corporation. Teradyne manufactured high-density electronic connectors, systems packaging, and complete backplanes. Teradyne’s products tied in nicely with Amphenol’s products, resulting in a multi-faceted corporation that specializes in all types of quality electronics.

Amphenol products are number one in quality and reliability. Amphenol connectors can be used in many different types of electronics, and you will not be disappointed when using an Amphenol product. Even the United States military relied on Amphenol products in their hardware. Amphenol connectors have been used for over seventy years, and there is no question of how this corporation has stayed afloat. If you have a fiber optic or electronic connector need, Amphenol connectors are the product to be used. Amphenol connectors have a rich history due to their quality products. There are many places to buy amphenol based products. However, TWAcomm is the best place to buy your amphenol connectors. TWAcomm has a wide variety of different connectors and can help you decide which is the best one for you needs. TWAcomm offers the highest quality amphenol connectors for the most reasonable price.

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