DVR 1800 Series Remote Digital Announcer
The DVR 1800 unit is a solid state, remote programmable, digital recorder that stores audio messages for answer only applications like ACD/UCD, information lines, and night answer.


  • Flash Memory – A technological breakthrough gives the DVR 1800 the memory of the future. This new, nonvolatile memory means the recording will never be lost due to loss of power. Flash memory eliminates the need for back-up batteries.
  • Crystal-Clear Sound Quality – 64 kbps sampling assures the highest quality playback of your on-hold message.
  • Remote – All program elements, including audio production, volume level and setting of security code can be downloaded remotely from a touch-tone telephone. First time programming can be done at the dealer’s facility and the DVR can be sent to the customer’s site fully loaded.
  • Verbal Prompting – A human voice guides users through operation of the on-hold unit. This makes the DVR 1800 the most userfriendly unit available.
  • Adjustable Rings – The number of rings for 1 to 12 to meet each user’s requirements.
  • Call Counter – The DVR 1800 counts the number of calls it receives. Knowing the number of calls the unit receives gives the business important information. The counter can be reset at any time.
  • Automatic Disconnect – The DVR disconnects immediately after message completion, or upon premature caller hang up. In either case, the DVR is immediately available to answer the next call.
  • Assured Security – A personal 5-digit security code guarantees security for the user and programmer.
  • Two Models to Choose From – DVR 1800 with handset jack gives you the flexibility to record locally from a tape player or the handset jack. DVRT 1800 with the above features plus a programmable time of day clock to disable call answer during business hours.The clock can be manually disabled at any time with the mode switch.

A Few Uses For the DVR 1800:

  • ACD/UCD Groups - as a greeting or memo announcement.
  • Auto Attendants - as a greeting or memo announcement.
  • Information Announcements - weather conditions, schedules, homework hot lines, after hours message, etc.

Technical Specifications

Sampling Rate64 kbps (effective 96 kbps)
Recording Times2 minutes to 47 minutes (model dependent)
Flash MemoryNonvolatile, unaffected by power interruptions, no matter how long the unit is without power
Recording MethodRemotely from any touch-tone telephone or locally via cassette player or handset
Security CodeThere is a dealer-definable 5 digit security code to prevent unauthorized entry. Code is held permanently in flash memory
Power Source12V AC adapter, included
Audio Output12V AC adapter, included
Wiring2 wire RJ-I I type, included
Verbal PromptingAssists with remote loading
Dimensions7.25" H x 7.50"W x 2.0" D
Ring DetectionAC Ring and Square Wave Ring
Weight4 lb. (Boxed)

DVR1800 Installation

  1. Connect DVR to the phone line it will be answering. Make sure no other products, such as modems or faxes are connected to this line.
  2. Connect AC adapter to a suitable 120V AC outlet and the other end into the 12V DC jack on the side of the unit.


The CH6000 is a solid state, remote programmable, digital announcer with pass through ability that answers up to 3 lines. It can be used simultaneously for information on hold.


    Multiple Lines: Answers 1 - 3 lines simultaneously and each line can be turned on/off separately to allow calls to pass through. All lines may have the same message or each a different message. All messages can be down-loaded with one call. Each line can be set separately to answer on 1 to 9 rings. In the ring through mode, the caller hears on-hold programming while the phone is ringing through to the user. Also, the handler message can be repeated and a time interval set between repeats. The Call Handler allows special phone company services, such as caller ID.

    Call Forwarding: In night answer mode, line 1 can be set separately to forward calls to another line. Line 1 routes them out through line 2.

    Built-in On-Hold: Equipped with a built-in on-hold capability. The on hold message can be recorded locally or remotely during the same call that other messages are recorded. On hold shares the nonvolatile flash memory with the Handler messages and night answer messages. The on hold message can also be output to the on hold port of the telephone system.

    Night Answer: Can be programmed for night answer with 24 hour clock. In night answer the unit answers the call, plays a night answer message, and hangs up, or forwards the call as programmed.

    Auto Pass Through: In the event of a power failure, the unit automatically takes itself off line so calls can be answered without interference.

    Auto Connect: Anytime a line is not occupied with an incoming call, users may call out. Unit automatically removes itself from the line.

    Auto Hang-up Detect: Anytime a caller hangs up before the call is answered by user, the unit detects the hang-up and instantly resets for the next call.

    Zero Gap: When recording a production, the unit records the silence at the start and end of recording. However, the on board computer has the intelligence to go back and delete the silence leaving zero gap in the loop.

    Call Counter: Each line has 3 counters that can count up to 99,999 calls and can be retrieved either locally or remotely.

    Volume Control: Unit has a volume control that can be changed remotely or locally. Local control of the volume can be deactivated.

    Plug and Play: Dealer can preload the unit with messages in flash memory and ship the unit ready to plug and play.

Verbal Prompting
Assists with remote loading and retrieving call counts.

Security Code
There is a dealer-definable 5 digit security code with"three times your out" software to prevent unauthorized entry. Code is held permanently in flash memory.

Brownout Protection
In the event of a brownout, a drop in the power will not damage electronics or cause improper operation. Also, recordings in flash memory are unaffected by brownouts.

The Call Handler can answer up to 3 telephone lines and give a pre-answer message. At the end of the message, the Call Handler will ring through to the telephone/telephone system. During the ring time the unit has the ability to play on hold programming. Most businesses can use it to pre-condition callers buying thoughts.

Information Lines
Flash memory and 64K sampling makes this an excellent multiple port digital announcer with endless uses. (ACD/UCD) Announcements - Movie Theatres - Information Lines -Weather Lines.

Night Answer
The Call Handler has a clock built in, so it can automatically go into night answer mode at a preprogrammed time. In night answer mode the unit answers the call, plays a night message and hangs up or forwards the call as programmed.

Call Filtering
In applications where a business receives multiple calls requesting routine information, the Call Handler can be used to give callers this information. This reduces the number of routine information calls employees have to answer.

Technical Specifications

Sampling Rate64 kbps (effective 96 kbps)
Recording Times2, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 32 minutes (model dependent)
Flash MemoryNonvolatile, unaffected by power interruptions of any duration
Recording MethodRemotely from any touch tone phone or locally by using the key pad and following the LCD instructions. Unit will down load messaging from a handset or tape player. Recording is automatically started and stopped with 4 seconds of silence
Power Source12V AC UL approved adaptor (included)
Ring DetectionAC Ring, DC Ring, square wave ring
Trunk Line TypeLoop start or ground start and will automatically accommodate normal or reverse polarity lines
Serial PortUnit uses a standard RS232 port for communications to printers and other devices