allen tel phones, built-in phones, wall-mounted phones, no dial phones The Galaxy Built-In Telephone offers users real convenience and efficiency. It is avaliable in many models and color combinations. Ideal for family rooms, dens, kitchens and a variety of commercial applications such as motels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, etc. A hands free speakerphone is included in the line. Its features include Push-on and Push-off operation, fully powered from the telephone line, and state-of-the-art switch-gain technology. The components used in the Galaxy are all industry standard.

The frontal dimensions of the Galaxy are 10 Wide by 12 High. It is arranged for flush mounting in new or existing 2 x 4 wall construction by use of an all purpose Wall Can which measures 8 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 3 3/8. The wall can is not furnished with the Galaxy Telephone (except for Speakerphones which include the wall can) and must be ordered separately.

Choose from a wide selection of models listed below. Options other than those listed such as Armored Handset Cord, Message Waiting Light, Automatic Single Number Dialer are available on special order. Galaxy Telephones are completely assembled instruments with matching Handset, Cord and Trim Frame.

Single and Multi-Line Galaxy Telephones

    GB275VXX-X: Built-In Panel Telephone - e/w a Tone Dial and amplified receiver.

    GB275VXX: Built-In Panel Telephone - Same as GB2750V-XX-X except less Trim Mat. e/w amplified receiver.

Galaxy Speakerphones and Tone Dial Models

    GB2765-00-A: Galaxy Speakerphone, completely assembled unit, Black Trim Frame, Brushed Aluminum Trim Mat, Wall Can, and Pushbutton Tone Dial.


    Trim Frames: Decorative Trim Frame available, and may be changed at any time to complement a new room decor. Use with either GB750 or GB2750 Telephones.(GB2750-L5-XX)

    Trim Mats: Trim Mat for use with both GB750 and GB2750 Galaxy Telephones.(GB2750-L9-X)

    Trim Mat: Denotes Trim Mat: (A) Brushed Aluminum, (F) Brushed Stainless Steel

    Wall Can: Wall Can For use with all Galaxy models. Box is designed to accept and is drilled for Itt 136 Typ Ringer For use with multi-line Models.(GB750-L1)