Each of these accessories will enhance your CablofilŽ installation. They are designed to maximize performance with a minimum installation time. For example, CablofilŽ's award winning FAS Roller, is the perfect answer to problems with pulling cables. When planning your next project, look through all CablofilŽ accessories to make the most out of your installation.

FAS Roller

FASROLLER - Four roller bracket used to prevent cable snags when pulling cable around corners and in hard to reach places. Use FAS Roller as a permanent part of a tray installation in horizontal and vertical pathways - for hard to reach areas,such as access floors or plenums.

  • Unique 4 roller design prevents cable snagging
  • Easy open gate allows full access to FAS roller
  • Bi-color rollers show roller turn at a distance which prevents burning the cable while being pulled
  • Multifix poly swivel base attaches directly to EZ Tray without tools
  • Can also be attached with bolts or handy clamp provided in kit
  • Use FAS Roller as a permanent part of a tray installation in horizontal and vertical pathways - for hard to reach areas, i.e., access floors or plenums
  • Sold only in sets of 6 each - includes handy carrying case
Click here for FAS Roller specifications PDF

Cable Drop Out

DROPOUT - Protects cables when exiting and entering tray. Helps maintain a "neat and workman like" appearance.

  • Attach to tray with EZ BN 1-4 and CE 25 (sold separately)
  • Slotted design allows for cable tie or touch fastener tiewrap cable attachment
  • Corrosion resistant pre-galvanized finish
  • 7" Radius bend eases strain on cables
  • Helps maintain a "neat and workman like" appearance
Click here for DROPOUT specifications PDF

Cable Exit

CABLEXIT - Protects cable when exiting and entering tray. Can be used as a radius limiter on tees, crosses and elbows.

  • Attach to tray with built in tabs or use a bolt connection (CE40 / EZBN14)
  • Corrosion resistant galvanized finish
  • 2" radius eases strain on cables
  • Can be used as a radius limiter on tees, crosses and elbows
Click here for CABLEXIT specifications PDF


EZJB5-16 - Use with a FASP200 or FASP300 for attachment to and stabilization of a 19" or 23" relay rack

  • No drilling needed
  • Zinc plated finish
  • 2 per package
Click here for EZJB specifications PDF

Mounting Plates

MFM - Allows installer to mount junction boxes, lighting or other hardware directly to EZ Tray.

  • Can be used to assist in cable management around horizontal and vertical transitions
  • Snap in mounting tabs eliminates the need for additional hardware and speeds install time

Note: Available in 2 sizes:
Click here for MFM Mounting Plate specifications PDF

SBDA Diversion Box Support

SBDA - Diversion Box Support

  • Allows for installation of electrical boxes directly to EZ Tray
  • Bend over tabs require no additional hardware for installation
Click here for SBD Diversion Box Support specifications PDF

Divider Strip

COT - For wire separation within a single cable tray.

  • Available in 2" and 4" heights
  • Requires EZ BN 1/4" and CE 25 to attach to EZ Tray(sold separately)
  • Field fabricate with tin snips for vertical and horizontal transitions
Click here for COT Divider Strip specifications PDF

Cable Label Clip

EZCLP - Use cable label clips to identify cable runs. Package of 50 labels.

  • Color code makes easy identification easy
  • Durable poly material wont fade


CVN - Field fabricated to fit changes in levels.

  • Color eliminates dirt and dust build-up on cable
  • Built-in tabs attach cover to tray without bolts
Click here for CVN Covers specifications PDF

Seismic Cable Kit

SZMC - For Seismic bracing of EZ Tray to concrete deck

  • Each kit contains:
    • (4) 10' cables with mounting eyelets
    • (2) Metal brackets for attachment to support members
    • (4) Cables clamp collars
    • (4) Concrete bolts
    • All necessary hardware
  • Cable cutter (left) and swager (right) are available separately
  • Consult local codes for proper installation intervals
Click here for SZMC Seismic Cable Kit specifications PDF

VELCROŽ on a Roll

EZVC - VELCROŽ brand touch fastener On A Roll


  • 1/2" VELCROŽ brand touch fastener can be cut to fit any size cable bundle
  • Great for frequent cable changes

VELCROŽ is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

Bolt Cutter

COUPFIL - Bolt Cutter

  • Offset cutter head gives a quick, perfect cut
  • Rubber handle makes for a comfortable grip

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