A variety of different cable installation tools are needed for the average job. Cable installation tools include cable cutters and strippers, crimp tools, line testers, connectors and fittings, tackers and staples, and more. Additional tools are available for specialized scenarios such as fiber optic cable or data cables like Cat 5 and Cat 6.

For cable installation, including Cat 5, Cat 6, and fiber optic cables, using an insulated staple gun is convenient and will not degrade performance. Insulated staples reduce the pressure on the cable and are needed for any task involving data cabling or any other work where the cable cannot be compressed. TWAcomm carries the Arrow T59 Professional Wiring Tacker which features all steel construction. Arrow Fastener Co. insulated staples are also UV resistant and are made of super impact resistant plastic or stainless steel.

TWAcomm.com also carries a variety of different cable cutters/strippers for cable installation. Flat phone cable cutter/strippers, round communication cable cutter/strippers, and many other varieties are available, including in compact models. For heavier aluminum or copper cables, the Greenlee Cable Cutter (#727) is made of heavy-duty forged steel and cuts up to 2/0 (70 mm2).

No cable installation toolkit would be complete without cable locating equipment. The Greenlee Wire Finder is an economical solution for finding buried or in-wall wiring without needing the advanced features of a higher cost cable locator. The battery operated Greenlee Wire and Valve Locator, however, offers extended range, and the included headphones make it easy to use and minimize background noise.

Testing kits are also needed as cable installation tools. The Fluke Networks MicroScanner2 Cable Verifier is very easy to use because it presents multiple different test modes on a single screen. Because of its many types of test ports, the time on the job is reduced as are technician errors in installation, making this kit one of the most desirable cable installation tools available on the market.

In order to mark cables for future maintenance, Network Identification Labeling Systems are handy. These Network Identification Labeling Systems are self-laminating and can be printed on a laser printer, and include three sizes of labels.

To hold your cable installation tools, TWAcomm offers tool bags, belts, and tool kits. Some of these kits include tools such as the Professional Installation Kit, while other cases allow you to organize and keep track of the tools you already own and use. Holsters for one or more small tools like splicers are available, such as the Hobbes USB Black or Blue holsters. TWAcomm also offers supplies, aprons and zipper pouches for your installation tools as well as other items like hammer holders, scissor holsters and snap loops.

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