Is your office space feeling a little cramped lately? Has your business equipment started taking over every desk top? Do you need a little more space but not necessarily a new office? Chatsworth Products might just have a solution to all of your space problems. How about using wall units?

What is a wall unit? Itís a way to open up your desk by moving the extra equipment to a safe and secure spot on the wall. A gated wall unit from Chatsworth Products can be pulled out when itís time to service the back side of the equipment. You can hang the convenient Chatsworth Product wall unit where it wonít be in the way, while being easy to get to, work on and operate. Whether itís your printer, scanner, fax machine or other office equipment, your Chatsworth Products wall unit will get it out of the way while keeping it handy.

Large or small, heavy or light, Chatsworth Products has a swing gate wall unit thatís exactly right for all of your business needs. Do you have a heavy computer tower? A Chatsworth Product swinging wall unit will hold it securely. Do you have a large box that integrates all of your electrical devices? Thereís a Chatsworth Product wall unit just perfect for the job.

Whether you need a 19 inch rack or one that is 7 feet tall, Chatsworth Products makes just the right one for you. They are sturdy and strong enough to hold whatever you need to hold and keep it safe. For convenience and maintenance, Chatsworth canít be beat!

How can you get a Chatsworth Products swinging wall unit? Simply use your computer and go to and take a look at what they offer. You can see what they look like, read what their sizes and capacities are, compare the prices with what youíd have to pay in a regular store. When you find the one, or ones that are right for your business needs, you can buy them online and have them delivered. No more driving to the hardware store, no need to hire someone to build what you want, no more trying to figure out how to transport your new wall unit. Making your purchase of fine Chatsworth Products swinging wall units couldnít be easier on you or on your budget. Being purchased from an online store, your Chatsworth Products unit will save you money.

Imagine how crowded your office space could be if you had all the electronic innovations that you need to keep your business growing. The new technology would be a big help, true, but it would also take up a good deal of space, wouldnít it? Can your desk hold a few more items? Is your floor space big enough to accommodate something seven feet tall and still allow for foot traffic? Can you move the big, heavy items for maintenance and repair if necessary? If not, then a Chatsworth Products swinging wall unit might be just what you need.

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