Cinema Style Decora Home Controls System

Enhance your viewing experience with superior one-touch "scene lighting" using your A/V Remote Control

Cinema Style brings the excellence of Leviton's commercial lighting expertise into the home with perfect theatrical lighting to go with the action. This scene-capable lighting system lets you pick a combination of light levels for different light fixturesat the touch of a button. With its multi-scene capability, it's a simple way to ensure you're getting the most out of your viewing experience time after time. Select one “lighting scene” for watching a movie, another for casual TV viewing, one more for reading and still others to accommodate a wide variety of activities. And, using your existing AV/V Remote Control, you can pick the right ambience, the right entertainment and even control one of the popular motorized shade systems on the market with a DHC Switching Module... all from anywhere in the room. Scene lighting lets you focus on what's important – such as watching a movie or entertaining guests – instead of on getting your lights right.

Cinema Style In Brief:

The Cinema Style package includes two basic components: a Toscana(tm) Deluxe Programmer, and DHC Dimming Wall-Switch Receivers with Scene Control. Unlike regular dimmers, whose levels need to be reselected over and over at each dimmer, Scene Receivers have preset memory that allows presetting of light-level combinations for different light fixtures to create multiple distinct “lighting scenes.” You choose the exact scene you want with the touch of a button on your existing IR remote control or on the Toscana(tm) Deluxe Programmer. Select the right ambience and the right entertainment from the comfort of your armchair or couch. All components are designed for use with the complete line of Decora Home Controls products – allowing you to expand the system at any time.

  • Set the lighting background for any entertainment – intimate viewing, parties, casual TV or anything in-between
  • Toscana Deluxe Programmer integrates DHC Dimmer Receivers into a total system and provides multiple distinct “lighting scenes”
  • Choose your preferred lighting scenes – preset light-level combinations for different lights – at the touch of a button
  • Dimmer Receivers also provide full-range dimming and brightening locally with their convenient rocker-switch design
  • System “learns” commands from your existing IR remote


Toscana Deluxe Wall-Mount ProgrammerHCCPG-1TW
DHC Single -Pole Dimming ReceiverHXM06-1TW
Amplifier/Repeater Module *HCA02-10E

* Recommended in all DHC installations to ensure system reliability

Plug-In RF Transreceiver for HCCURHCPRF-1TW