amplified telephone, walker clarity, hearing impaired telephone, amplified phone The Walker Clarity phone is the first amplified telephone designed to help those with high-frequency hearing loss, a problem affecting 95% of the hearing impaired. Everyone needs upper-range or high-frequency sounds to hear complete words clearly. A built-in sound equalizer selectively increases the volume of such high frequency sounds as "st" and "ch." Clarity Power increases the volume of high frequency sound, with less than 1% distortion, so your caller's words are clearer and easier to understand. It amplifies volume more than 30 times louder than a conventional telephone. With a certified minimum gain of 26dB, it's much higher than the minimum level of 12dB required by the FCC for amplified telephones.

The loud ringer lets you adjust the volume up to 80dB, and you'll also have the power to adjust the frequency and speed of the ring; which is ideal for those with high frequency hearing loss. Designed with a 3.5mm jack for monaural output for assistive listening devices, there's also a visual ringer light that flashes brightly when the phone rings so you can see incoming calls. With ten one-touch programmable memory keys for frequently called numbers of up to 32 digits, friends and family members are just a touch away. There's also a special one-touch emergency help button you can program to dial 911 or any other emergency service. Since FCC regulations require all amplified telephones to revert to normal volume each time you hang up, the boost button comes in extra handy. With just one touch, it returns to the amplification level you last set. Powered entirely by your phone line, it even works when the electricity is off.


  • Walker Clarity Power Control Slide Bar--Amplifies high-frequency sounds in the telephone’s receiver. It allows sound to be customized to compensate for the individual’s specific level of hearing loss
  • Ringer Volume Control--Off/Lo/Hi Switch adjusts ringer volume level
  • Visual Ringer Light--Flashes when the phone rings to signal an incoming call
  • Adjustable Pitch Ringer--Easy to hear for those with high-frequency hearing loss
  • 13 Memory Locations--Store frequently called numbers of up to 24 digits
  • Last Number Redial Button--Permits automatic redialing of the last number dialed
  • Extra-Large Black Keys--Makes dialing easy
  • Tone/Pulse Switch--For selecting dialing mode
  • Braille Dot--Dot on number five key helps with keypad orientation
  • Recall & Mute Functions
  • Hearing Aid Compatible Handset
  • Line Signal Indicator--You can “see” a dial tone or busy signal