amplified phone, amplified telephone, amplified phones The XL-50 Amplified Telephone offers the latest in telecommunication technology to give you louder, clearer and more understandable conversations. The Dialogue XL-50 not only comes with all the convenient features of the XL-40, it gives you even more amplification. It comes with the most powerful amplifier money can buy. The XL-50 increases the incoming sound by up to 48+ dB- more than 200 times louder! It's ideal for people with severe hearing loss. Its advanced electronic circuit design eliminates unwanted background noise to make every word clearer and easier to understand, all without any feedback or distortion. An adjustable tone control lets you customize the amplifier for optimum word clarity making similar sounding words crystal clear and easier to understand.

The telephone also automatically resets volume to normal when you hang up and then returns to pre-set amplification with a push of a button. You can set the phone to remember the volume you set for each phone call when you are the only one in the house. Or you can let the phone return to 'normal' sound for anyone else in the house who may pick up the phone. Its super loud ringer with selectable ringing tones so that you'll never miss another call again. And, the Dialogue XL-50 gives you extra large buttons with back lighting and high contrast graphics for optimum visibility and dialing ease. The Dialogue XL50 comes with a T-coil compatible handset, lighted keypad, and audio output jack for neckloops or direct audio input. So if you want easier and more understandable calls, then the Dialogue XL-50 is the perfect phone to have and is an excellent choice for severe hearing loss.

    • 12 programmable memory buttons for speed dialing
    • Extra large and bright ring flasher and super loud ringer (95+dB) with adjustable tone
    • Back lighted, big button style makes dialing easy
    • Bright, voice mail indicator lets you know you have messages (if you have voicemail service from your local phone company)
    • Audio output jack for direct connection to assistive listening devices
    • Handset is compatible with hearing aid T-coil
    • Includes AC adapter
    • Battery back-up (4 AA batteries, not included)
    • Redial, Hold and Flash buttons
    • Desk or wall mountable

Maximum gain High frequency (3kHz): 48dB
Wide band (300 to 3000Hz):36dB
Tone control rangeFull range: 300 to 3000Hz using one slide control.
Dimensions Size: 9 1/2" x 7" x 3 1/4"
Weight: 2.52 lbs.
Power Requirements AC Adapter: 9VDC, 300 mA
Batteries: 4 AA alkaline batteries (not included)