ITT Cortelco telephones Cortelco telephones come from a rich history and possess an excellent reputation among voice-mail, single and double-line, key system and cordless telephone manufacturers. Having been in operation for 110 years and having been at the forefront of early telephone mass production, through the years Cortelco has perfected the art of telephony.

Cortelco is an innovative company first in durability and user-friendly features that both business and home telecommunications consumers demand.

In basic, single line phones, the Cortelco telephone offers several desk or wall-mounted models in attractive designs and colors. They include models offering everything from hands-free technology to programmable waiting lamps and convenient large button pads. You might make your choice from the Patriot series, with an outstanding record of introducing innovative features for the single line telephone. For example, the ITT Cortelco Patriot 2190 provides 20 memory locations, pause, release button. The Patriot II Memory includes A-lead control and programmable pause capability. All Cortelco telephones in the Patriot models are hearing aid compatible, fully modular, can be mounted on the wall or desk, have visible ring indicators, data ports and directory cards. If you are looking for a hands-free model, the Patriot Handsfree provides the standard Patriot and Patriot Memory features along with speakerphone with volume control and headset compatibility.

Imagine a single-line phone with advanced capabilities for your home or smaller office! The ITT Cortelco Medallion Caller ID Single-Line Enhanced telephone combines simple functionality with new features such as 24 digit direct dial memory, data ports and conferencing functions. These capabilities make the single-line telephone highly adaptable to your home or small office environment.

Cortelco telephones provide the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology in the field, being distributed worldwide to the most sophisticated large business and organizational leaders.

Standouts in the field, Cortelco telephone models offer many features formerly only available in high cost, complex systems. For example, the ITT Cortelco 7 Series 4 Line Telephone is expandable to four lines and 16 stations, paging, private line capability and is hearing aid compatible.

Looking to eliminate those expensive long distance bills? The Cortelco telephone also comes in Voice Over IP models that are great whether you’re the CEO of a large corporation or running a small home office. Features include FTP remote software upgrade capability, one-touch memory, dynamic IP support, call history and transfer, phone book, and one-touch memory keys. The ITT Cortelco 2757 VOIP Telephone is headset compatible, and provides three-way conferencing, speaker phone, four soft-buttons and navigation, plus a two position phone stand and do not disturb setting along with the standard hold, call waiting and redial features.

Your Cortelco telephone is backed up with technological excellence, a reputation of both durability and flexibility and an expert telephone manufacturer’s attention to user-friendly details. Whether you are in the market for a single line home or small office telephone, or you’re shopping for muti-line units for your university, corporation, or organization, you will want to experience the versatility of the Cortelco telephone.

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